Seat Concepts BMW R1200GS/ R1200GSA Water Boxer Standard


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Seat Concepts BMW R1200GS/ R1200GSA Water Boxer Standard with added width & foam density tol help keep you comfortable on that long commute or dual sport ride

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Standard Height Seat

This model is based off the standard GS1200 seat. The seating area has been widened a little and lowered the rear to help minimise the slope into the tank feeling the stock seat has. This combined with Seat Concepts' proprietary foam creates a seat ready to offer an enjoyable ride for the long or short ride ahead.


The front kit is based on the standard GS. If using on a Adventure model without rear kit there will be a gap between the front and rear seat. Will work as a lowering seat for a ADV model.

Rear Kit:
New rear foam and cover kit offers a wider and slightly dished seating area. Seat Concepts also built up the front to help address the sliding forward feel of the stock seat.

Rear Covers:
Seat Concepts offers matching covers for your OEM foam. Just remove the old cover and install for a matching set.

Complete Front Seat:
The front complete seat is assembled with Seat Concepts' kit on a injection molded pan. This seat is ready to ride.

Fits Models:

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Important Information:
This purchase is only for the COVER and FOAM for OEM pans. It DOES NOT include the pan.


Seat Concepts BMW R1200GS/ R1200GSA Water Boxer Standard is available in the following other optionss:

  • GS Model & ADV Model (out of stock)
  • ADV Model (out of stock)
  • GS Model

Seat Concepts BMW R1200GS/ R1200GSA Water Boxer Standard is available in the following cover options:

  • Carbon Fiber Sides/Gripper Top
  • All Carbon Fiber (out of stock)

Seat Concepts BMW R1200GS/ R1200GSA Water Boxer Standard is available in the following seat options:

  • Front Complete Seat +$175.00
  • Front Kit & Rear Kit +$205.00 (out of stock)
  • Front Foam & Cover Kit ONLY (out of stock)
  • Front Kit & Rear Cover For OEM Foam +$70.00 (out of stock)
  • Front Complete Seat & Rear Cover for OEM foam +$265.00 (out of stock)
  • Front Complete Seat & Rear Kit +$385.00 (out of stock)

About Seat Concepts:

SEAT CONCEPTS is a world-class manufacturer of high quality and great value motorcycle comfort and race seats. All seats are manufactured in the United States. Seat Concepts has been making Off Road and Adventure Bike seats, as well as custom seats for classic and sports bikes and now expanding into the cruiser (think HD) market, for over ten years. With a range of covers, foam densities and heights to suit every type of rider (Low, Standard and Tall) for hundreds of bike models and years, Seat Concepts probably has a seat kit or a complete seat to fit your bike. Our most popular seat finish is a “Carbon Fibre Gripper” cover that offers a level of friction to help stop you sliding every time you hit the brakes and a standard density foam is suitable for most riders. The real trick is how Seat Concepts seats support the riders hipbones with their wider than standard seats and superior density foam. You can’t turn your two wheels into a lounge chair, however, if you can extend your ride time and comfort throughout the day, then Seat Concepts if probably the best value seat solution you can invest in.

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Problem solved

By: on 15 January 2018
For three years I rode a 2013 R1200GS. With just a BeadRider on the seat, I had no problem doing 12 hour days, and rode in comfort to the top end, to Tasmania (with the help of a ferry), etc. But the KMs started to add up, so I traded it for a new leftover 2016. The bike has all manner of engaging features, and is a winner in most respects, but I never came to terms with the bike, and even began to wonder if I had made a mistake for one simple reason. The seat was a killer. I would start squirming after an hour, and never could get right. After 40 years of riding and a bunch of bikes, I thought maybe I'm getting old, or too padded down there, or something. I'd never had a problem before. My first attempt (after the BeadRider) was a pair of Moto-Skivvies. They're great, and will be a regular part of my riding gear going forward, but they didn't come close to solving the problem. I thought about a custom seat, and then considered a Touratech or Wunderlich seat. Extensive online research suggested a) I might never get comfortable, b) the brands I named are expensive and some swear by them while others swear at them, c) going custom has pros and cons due to the height of the bike (ie too much extra width can make it hard for some of us to reach the ground). So what was I to do? Another suggestion from my online research (option d) was the Seat Concepts approach. Apparently they sell denser foam padding. That makes sense. My OEM seat is soft. So soft that in the showroom it feels plush, but quickly becomes non-supportive. Also, the Seat Concept shape differs from the OEM seat. The original kept sliding me forward. The result was that the soft part of my anatomy--not intended for sitting on--was bearing more weight than it should have. So I was uncomfortable front and back, no matter what I tried. The Seat Concepts seat, with its denser foam, solved the first problem by being more supportive. It solved the second problem by putting a scoop in about the centre of the seat, so I no longer slide forward. Instead, I get placed in the middle, and now have the option of moving forward or back rather than having the bike dictate to me. My problem is entirely corrected, and for less money than the other options I'd read about. I should add that I've always had a great experience every time I drop in to AdventureMoto. The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgable. I've bought a few things from them, all of which have performed as advertised. p.s. this review is of the Seat Concepts front complete seat.

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