ADVWorx Trekk 30 Litre Soft Panniers supplied as a pair

Roll Top saddle bags 1000 TPU construction
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ADVWORX TREKK – 30L PER SIDE SOFT MOTORCYCLE PANNIERS These saddlebags are 100% waterproof and are TPU-Tough. With strong PE liners, RF Welded seams, which means your gear stays dry and dust free.

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The ADVWORX TREKK Series Saddlebags or Soft-Panniers are as tough as nails. Made from strong 1000D TPU, which sets the standard for soft motorcycle luggage. These bags are quick and easy to use with just about any motorcycle pannier frames.

Designed for long distance adventure touring, these bags will help get you and your gear get there dry. The bags connect to your choice of pannier frames using a simple FOUR POINT ‘Hook n Loop’ Butterfly clip system. The tabs simply attach the bags onto the frames while the compression straps secure the bag and your gear tightly onto the frame.

We include an air purge valve with every bag so you can load your gear, and when you roll down the waterproof TPU material, you can squeeze excess air from the bags to keep the bags trim and compact.

With every pair of Saddlebags or Soft-Panniers, we include easily removable over/under seat straps to connect the bags together. Straps that connect your bags make them easy to load onto your bike and allow the bulk of the weight of the bags to be carried where the weight needs to be. These straps can be quickly unbuckled from either bag and a rubber grab handle allows you to carry them easily.

Additionally you might want to carry only one pannier or saddlebag on one side of the bike or on a rear rack as a tail bag. The bags have MOLLE webbing to allow straps to secure the bag onto a frame or rack using ROK Straps or similar Cam Straps. We include an additional set of Over/Under straps with a back loop so you can loop the straps off the opposite pannier frame and securely clip the single saddlebag or pannier to your frame of choice. This way you might prefer to carry a fuel cell (Rotopax) on one frame, while carrying the ADVWORX bag on the other.

  • The bleed valve, on every large saddlebag and duffel, allows all excess air to be squeezed out of your bag when you strap the bag onto your pannier frame.
  • Simple effective roll-top design eliminates zippers and fancy flaps to keep the design functional and practical for riding in the real world.
  • The four-point, tried and tested ‘Hook n Loop’ Butterfly clips, strap the saddlebags to your preferred pannier frame, securing the saddlebags so they won’t move about on hard terrain
  • Cross over/under seat straps so you can easily load your bags onto your bike and then load them up, to carry the weight of your gear. These clip off either side so the straps can stay on the bike if secured under your pillion seat.
  • A “second pair” of over/under straps comes with every saddlebag set. These loop-back style straps allow you to mount a single saddlebag supported on one pannier frame, allowing you to ride with one side bag but still have crossover strap style support.
  • Made from Tough 1000D TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) much stronger than PVC or Tarpaulin vinyl, in the same weight.
  • Designed with replaceable straps for easy repair and maintenance.
  • Strong internal PE board helps the saddlebags holds their shape when empty.
  • The removable PE bag stiffener - can be used as bone splint in an emergency... SEE! We think of everything ;-))
  • Soft Pannier bags are tough and flexible IF/When your bike falls over.
  • You can have any colour as long as it’s black, BUT the bags internals are a light bright blue inside so you can easily find your gear.
  • Strap keepers on the replaceable and easy to repair webbing, so you don’t look like you want to “Take off” with your loose straps flapping like mad.
  • Tough, back of bag, hard wearing, frame pads, where the bags sit against your pannier frames.
  • Strong, easy to grip, rubber handle on each saddlebag, makes these bags so comfortable to carry to your room or camp site, when off the bike and loaded.
  • Easy to take each bag as separate luggage pieces, while travelling off the bike, like on a plane, heading to your favourite destination to meet your bike… Hey!! You can dream ;-))
  • “D” buckles and over straps so you can add additional bags on top (Like your tent or handy camp chair)
  • Molle webbing lets you use a single saddlebag as a tail bag by pulling elastic straps through the Molle loops and securing to your tail rack.
  • Well… Sometimes simple is practical, functional and… Simply “Fantastic”


30 Litre bags - Approximately 42cm high x 38cm wide x 20cm deep (30-34 Litres per side) when rolled. Total 60 plus Litres.
20 Litre bags - Approximately 38cm high x 32cm wide x 18cm deep (20-24 Litres per side) when rolled. Total 40 plus Litres.

About ADVWorx:

ADVWORX is AdventureMoto's own brand. With fifteen years in the industry we have sourced the best adventure products and manufacturers from around the world to produce quality products that will endure the harshest Australian conditions. While we only sell the very best the two wheel industry has to offer we have raised the bar even further and designed and manufactured what we believe to be the worlds best adventure products. We invite you try ADVWorx products and we are confident that you will be impressed with what we've created.

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Great quality & value
By: on 30 April 2022
Recently completed a 7 day 2500km trip with these panniers along with a Trekk 30L duffel bag. The trip around NSW included fire trails, national parks, deep creek crossings, gravel roads and about 5 days of rain and mud - a great test of character for me and the luggage. On the whole the bags worked perfectly. Even with a couple of slow tip overs in the mud with the bags taking the bike weight on the side everything stayed intact and always dry. I think you guys have made a great product here and if I had any small criticisms I would want these changes: 1. Make the buckle straps replaceable rather than stitched on. I had 3 buckles break during my trip and used rok straps to get through but will have to cut the original buckles off to replace them. 2. The air valve is a great addition, but is too close to the roll top closure and often hard to access when closing up. If this was located at the bottom of the bag it could also double as a drain point when a bottle of liquid leaks inside. 3. I would like to see a water bottle holder on the outside and a small pocket for quick access to items like zip ties, tape, tyre pressure gauge etc. 4. For my purposes on camping trips the handles are not required. The bags never come off during the trip so handles just get in the way (especially on the duffel). Overall this a a great product and excellent value for money. I highly recommend it for anyone needing a good quality set of panniers that are 1/2 the price of a lot of the competition.
By: on 4 June 2021
These pannier bags are very well made. Paired with the Adworx frames the bags take very little time to fit or remove. You can leave the straps under the seat & simply unclick the bags. We toured Tassie recently & everything stayed perfectly dry. Very Happy
Great Product
By: on 29 April 2021
Great quality, the best features I found were blue lining inside to be able to find your stuff and the air release valves are an amazing idea. I have just fitted a set of these to my SW Motech pro side carriers. They fitted without any issues

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