Top Ten Christmas and Holiday Motorcycle Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100!

Author: Steve Smith   Date Posted:31 October 2017 

Time to put on your holiday cheer, Australian riders and friends! The Christmas and Holiday season is within sight—and we know how hard shopping for Dad can be. The hordes at the shops, the indecision, and the hit to your wallet are not insignificant hurdles. But we also know you want Dad to stay safe, sound and comfortable on our long Australian roads, so we’ve come up with our top motorcycle gift ideas for dad, all under $100 bucks!

Choosing a gift for Dad is no easy task, even for someone who knows the ins and outs of motorcycle gear and apparel. But if you’re not a rider yourself, surfing the web for a great motorcycle gift can be a real labyrinth and one we’re here to help you navigate.

If you’re not sure what to get him, consider what he already has, what might need to be replaced, or what he’s missing from his kit. Is he a tool guy who enjoys working on his own bike? Is he someone who likes riding for hours or days at a time? Is he an off-road rider, or an adventure rider who loves to camp and spend time in the bush, or does he prefer to cruise around to the shops?

While you’re perusing our top gift ideas, keep his specific needs in mind while making your decision. Once you’ve made your choice, you can sit back and enjoy the holidays and rest assured you bought dad a gift he’ll enjoy for years to come!

Christmas Gift Guide For Your Dad:


Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100!

1. Moto-Skiveez Adventure Skiveez

Who knew? Padded shorts that stop the chaffing and pressure associated with ADV style motorcycles, where the knees drop below the hip and causes discomfort to the nether-regions. We know your papa probably doesn’t sit around the Christmas table discussing his chaffing issues, but trust us that once he has a pair of these bad-boys, he’ll never leave home without ‘em!
RRP: $84.95


Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100!

2. CruzTools Speedkit for Japanese & ATV Motorcycles

Don’t let your old man hit the road without proper tools! This neat and tidy tool pouch by CruzTools is the perfect gift for any two-wheeled traveller. Besides the nice and compact design, it comes with more technical grade tools to keep dad on the road.
RRP: $47.00


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100 Klim Radius  Goggles

3. Klim Radius Moto Goggle

Give your pa the gift of clear, fog proof sight and protection this Christmas season! These goggles are sure to deliver uncompromised standards in durability, ventilation, and comfort while he rips it up off-road.
RRP: $81.00


Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100 DVD

4. Moto Docos Arrows of Fire DVD

Make this adventure motorcycle film part of your family’s Christmas tradition! Get inspired to hit the road less travelled with a story of a father, son, and two friends on an epic ride to find the grittiest and most beautiful terrain Australia has to offer.
RRP: $25.00 NOW $20.00


Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100 Moto-Skiveez Folding Hat

5. Moto-Skiveez Tri-Fold Hat

This Christmas, help protect your dad from the brutal Australian sun. With a tri-fold brim that makes this hat easy to fold up and stick in any pocket, dad never has to expose his balding head again. And if he got lucky with his gene pool? A good hat is a great way to cover up helmet hair, protect him from harsh rays, and to stay cool, too.
RRP: $26.95


Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100 Rocky Creek Bikerz Chair

6. Rocky Creek Bikerz Chair

We love the Bikerz Chair so much, we’re sending this article to our own kids! This lightweight camp chair is the perfect camping companion to all motorcyclists and campers. Don’t be fooled by its small design: it’s made to support up to 120kg!
RRP: $97.95


Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100 Giant Loop Pronghorn Motorcycle Straps

7. Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps

We know these might seem like an unconventional gift, but these straps have endless uses and should be part of everyone’s kit. The multi-purpose, multi-sport straps are made of stretchy non-slip polyurethane to attach bags and gear to any bike or item more safely and without the worry of bungee cords or dangling tails.
RRP: $51.00


Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100 Klim Motorcycle Socks

8. Klim Sock

A wool blend, these are the perfect motorcycling socks to keep feet dry and feeling good under your dad’s boots. He’ll love them for their comfort, sweat-wicking properties and ankle support stretch band to keep them in place!
RRP: $36.00


Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100 Motorcycle Tow Rope

9. Giant Loop Cordura Ballistic Tow Strap

Help get dad and his buddies out of trouble with Giant Loop’s super sturdy tow strap. With its multi-function design, he’ll be able to use it for all sorts of shenanigans.
RRP: $45.00


Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100 Motorcycle Pocket Air Compressor

10. Rocky Creek MotoPressor Pocket Pump

Help your daddy-o prepare for the bumps in the road! Every rider should be carrying around one of these babies. Small, ultra light, easy to use and cheap, a Pocket Pump is the perfect gift for any adventurous father.
RRP: $49.95


Still not sure what to get? Check out our other gift ideas, here, or give him the gift of choosing for himself with an Adventure Moto gift voucher from $20 to $500! Send a personalised Christmas message with your gift certificate and select the date of arrival for the 25th of December!

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