KLIM Technical Riding Gear is a global leader in designing, developing, sourcing and distributing the most advanced powersports apparel for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider. Utilizing the world’s highest technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials, like GORE-TEX®products, KLIM offers gear for the most demanding riders. Driven by the continual feedback and input from dedicated test pilots and passionate customers, KLIM strives to do one thing above all – improve the riding experience without compromise. 

Klim Dakar Pro Glove
SKU: 3186-002


Klim Adventure Rally Air Jacket
SKU: 5095-000


Klim Dakar Jersey Non-Current
SKU: 3315-005


Klim Kodiak Jacket
SKU: 3721-000


Klim Kodiak Pants
SKU: 3722-000


Klim Ladies Savanna Jersey
SKU: 4066-000


Klim Mojave Jersey Non-Current
SKU: 3109-003


Klim XC Jersey Non-Current
SKU: 5003-000


Klim XC Lite Gloves 2018
SKU: 5002-002


Klim XC Pants Non-Current
SKU: 5004-000


Klim Mojave Pro Glove
SKU: 5034-000


Klim XC Glove Non-Current
SKU: 5002-000


Klim Aggressor Cool -1.0 Neck Sock
SKU: 6024-001-000-330


Klim Adventure Rally Air Pants
SKU: 5096-000


Klim Aggressor Shirt 1.0
SKU: 3356-004


Klim Vented Sock
SKU: 6004-001


Klim Aggressor Brief Non-Current
SKU: 3358-003