BestRest EZ Air Gauge 90 Degree Right Angle

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The BestRest EZ Air 90 Degree Right Angle Gauge clips onto any tire valve stem & gives instant, accurate pressure readings. The self-locking air chuck prevents air loss.

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SKU: EZ-AIR-RightAngle

The EZAir is a perfect companion to the CyclePump inflator. This gauge clips onto any tire valve stem and gives instant, accurate pressure readings up to 100 PSI. The self-locking brass air chuck makes a positive seal and prevents air loss during the inflation or deflation process. (see notes below about the new style of air chuck)

If tire pressure is too high, release air by pressing the bleed button on the top of the gauge. 

If tire pressure is too low, attach a CyclePump (or a compressor air hose with a quick release chuck) to the brass valve stem on the right side of the gauge. The gauge instantly becomes an in-line gauge. The 1.5" dial displays real-time pressure as the tire inflates.  Tire pressure management doesn't get any easier.

Technical Specs:  Weight 12 oz.  Size 1.5" x 6" x 6" in the pouch.

This is the only in-line analogue dial gauge to receive a "Recommended" rating from Motorcycle Consumer News in their tire gauge shootout. We think that's pretty cool.

The CyclePump EZAir Gauge dial displays both PSI and BAR. PSI scale is on the outside ring, BAR scale is on the inside.  Why BAR?  It's the international standard for tire pressure and BAR is used in most countries outside the USA .  1 BAR = 14.5 PSI. Tire sidewalls and owner's manuals often specify tire pressure in BAR. Having both values makes inflation even easier.  (sorta like having a speedometer that reads in both MPH and KPH).

Dial face design (lens removed)          

Air hose wraps neatly around the gauge bod

About BestRest:

BestRest manufactures hard parts for your motorcycle made from the finest quality material available and will not settle for anything less! Motorcycle accessories should reflect a level of workmanship, quality, and finish worthy of your trust, hence why Best Rest, simply test everything themselves to ensure their products perform as advertised!

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BestRest EZ Air Gauge

By: on 16 September 2019
Well made product that looks like it'll last the test of time. Fits securely to the valve with no leaks.

Great little tool

By: on 17 January 2018
I originally purchased the best rest air compressed as I wanted to see how it was. And considering how tough and quality the workmanship was I've now bought this 90 degree pressure gauge. Its about 2psi off the mark but all things aside I would buy one again.

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