Forcefield Body Armour Rib Protector V2

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Forcefield Body Armour Rib Protector V2 has a revised shape and now fits even closer to the body using heat activated 3D moulding to contour to the wearer’s shape.

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The new Forcefield Rib Protector V2 has a revised shape and now fits even closer to the body using heat activated 3D moulding to contour to the wearer’s shape.

It offers comfort and protection during sports where the ribs are particularly vulnerable.

It can be used for multiple sports – karting, cycling, motorcycling, skiing and snowboarding.

CE approved and available in three sizes, the Rib Protector V2 is soft and comfortable to wear.

It has RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) ensuring continued and consistent protection even after multiple impacts.

Fully adjustable elastic shoulder straps and Velcro fastening ensure the optimum fit and comfort.

Forcefield DRI-M Technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material) is integrated throughout.

Forcefield Body Armour Rib Protector V2 is available in the following sizes:

  • Small (out of stock)
  • Medium (out of stock)
  • Large (out of stock)

About Forcefield Body Armour:

Forcefield Body Armour specialises in Impact Protection and High Performance Clothing Systems. The brand prides itself on developing and producing cutting edge, innovative and class leading products. Winning countless awards and reviews, the brand continues to grow across many industries and sports.

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Works well

By: on 15 August 2018
The first thing to say, that’s not obvious from the pictures, is that this wraps right around your body and closes with Velcro. The strap is about 10cm wide and elastic with a long furry section (the loop part of the hook and loop fastening) allowing quite a wide range of fitting of maybe 25cm variation. The actual armour part wraps about 4/5 the way around - slightly more than three sides, with the elastic strap taking care of the remainder. The photos show models wearing this on front or the back. In my opinion if you’re looking for a back protector there are better options. I bought this for chest and ribs, and the elastic strap across my back allows it to complement and fit around my existing back protector without having armours layering over the top of each other. The second thing is that it’s very comfortable, given how big it is. It is shaped really well around the stomach and the arms, so that avoids chafing spots. Initially I had the shoulder straps too tight and it rubbed the front of my armpits. So I know what bad feels like, and this isn’t it. Once I’d got them right, I genuinely didn’t notice I was wearing it whilst snowboarding. I did notice when working very hard that it could get a bit warm, even on the snowfields. I’ll be interested to see what it’s like motorcycling on the racetrack under a leather jacket. The last thing to note is it’s effective. So I’ve tried a few whacks and it’s really takes away the impact. But I’ve got a real world test too. Last year, with no armour, I faceplanted on an icy bit hard enough to break a rib. This year, with the armour I faceplanted again (yeah, I’m not very good), this time hard enough to explode the drink in my pocket. I shook off the shock and was fine a few seconds later. Win! I want to give this five stars, but I haven’t tried it on the track yet so was tempted to go with four. On the other hand, so far it does everything I want it to, is comfortable and effective. So far at least, it’s earned the full five stars, and I’m hoping that carries through to the track.

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