Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top

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The Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top features a convenient rolling closure that seals out water and dust while maintaining all the unique “go light, go fast, go far” features of our zipper closure Great Basin Saddlebag.

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Introducing the Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top, a fresh update of the original biomorphic, horseshoe-shaped Saddlebag design that Giant Loop pioneered in 2009. The Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top features a convenient rolling closure that seals out water and dust while maintaining all the unique “go light, go fast, go far” features of our zipper closure Great Basin Saddlebag

Carry your gear where the passenger would sit on your motorcycle – the remarkably versatile Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top fits virtually any motorcycle designed to carry a passenger. Anchors to passenger footrest brackets and mounts on pillion seat of sport and sport touring bikes, standards, nakeds and adventure touring and dual sport motorcycles.

Other enhancements include a greater range of compression and expandability (45 liters with three full waterproof rolls, up to 60 liters with one roll to seal out dust), grab handles that double as side compression straps, a set of 3 RF welded waterproof inner liner Saddlebag Dry Pods with air purge valves, and drains in the bottoms of the Saddlebag’s “legs” that allow water to escape if it manages to penetrate the highly water resistant out shell (yea, we understand – we’ve dunked our bikes in streams crossings, too!). Made in USA. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects. 

“The best hard-core saddlebag and tank-bag solution we’ve found is from Giant Loop…. There are cheaper solutions to carrying stuff, but these American-made pieces have been over mountains and across deserts with no issues.” — Cycle World Magazine

The Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top delivers everything needed to mount up hit the road:

  • 45-60 liters of packable volume (45 liters with three full waterproof rolls, up to 60 liters with one roll to seal out dust)
  • Set of 3 RF welded waterproof inner liner Saddlebag Dry Pods with air release valves included
  • Side compression straps with molded rubber grab handles
  • Super tough, highly water resistant vinyl tarp outer shell reinforced with ballistic nylon
  • Beavertail and cinch ring with side-release buckled compression straps that integrate with double-end Rogue Dry Bag and Tillamook Dry Bag (available separately)
  • Lash loops to attach Possible Pouch external pockets
  • Separate mounting and compression straps for easier gear access
  • Reinforced Roll Top closure
  • Cable lock pass-though to secure bag to bike while parked. Optional: QuickLoop Cables + OnGuard Padlock available here.
  • Reflective accents for visibility
  • Hot Springs Heat Shield (laser-cut aluminum + stainless steel clamp) included
  • Military-spec materials and construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects
  • Made in U.S.A.

Expand the Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top with Giant Loop’s adventure proof packing system:



• Weight: 6 lbs with all included components

• Dimensions (fully packed):

- 56″ – bottom of pannier, across top to bottom of other pannier bucket
Basically the same as before, with a little more “doming” on top due to increased “front to back” distance.

- 10″ – height of bag in top center
Again, the difference here is mostly a result of the “front to back” measurement below allowing the top to arc more when stuffed full.

- 6″ – distance from inside to outside of pannier bucket bottom
This dimension didn’t change – I think this is simply a more accurate measurement taken at very bottom of the “leg.”

- 14″ – front to back in top center
This is where/why we picked up an additional 10 liters of volume (60 vs. 50), by adding nearly 2″ in this plane. No change in the way the bag mounts or rides, just a bit roomier for sleeping bags and other lightweight, bulky gear in the top.

• Materials

          - Outer shell: 22 oz. vinyl coated polyester reinforced with ballistic nylon
          - Military-spec fasteners
          - Custom-woven ballistic webbing on lower anchor straps
           - Nylike webbing compression straps


Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top is available in the following colour options:
  • Grey (out of stock)
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • White

About Giant Loop:

GIANT LOOP MOTO when compared to Wolfman is what KTM is to BMW when it comes to soft luggage for your off road adventures. Both brands are great however GO LIGHT, GO FAST, GO FAR is the mantra of Giant Loop. As creators of the world's first Biomorphic soft motorcycle luggage, which made carrying gear for trail riders and light adventure bike riders a reality. It meant no more overloaded backpacks or strapped on gear ending in the chain of your bike or under the back wheel. The Giant Loop Great Basin, Coyote and super trim Mojavi Saddlebag systems do not need luggage racks fitted to your bike, however, the bags can comfortably and safely hold up to 68Litres of luggage (Great Basin) for days or weeks off the road. Innovative, strong and light as well as waterproof… Giant Loop has a luggage system, including hybrid panniers and large volume saddlebags to suit just about any motorcycle.

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By: on 7 May 2020
FIVE STARS - The Great Basin is saddlebag is probably the most versatile and simple luggage system I have ever ridden with, especially when you are not utilizing racks. I have ridden with this bag on a four- week trip across North America and for weeks at a time through Outback Australia, on a variety of bikes, from my F800GS down to my TTR250. The ease of getting the dry bags in and out of the tough “truckers vinyl saddlebag outer” is pretty easy and keeps everything dry and dust-free. If you leave the GB bag on the bike when camping, make sure you roll it up to keep it dry inside. I have seam-sealed the bag with a silicone sealer to keep the stitched seams waterproof. I also find that by using the Giant Loop Mounts “Quick release hook style” on my bike, getting the main bag on and off the bike is very quick and easy. The rear straps are designed in a way that the bag can be opened easily without the bag coming loose. When you weigh up the cost of fitting pannier frames or racks on a bike and then buying saddlebags for them, then the price of a rackless soft luggage system, which is trim on the bike, and can be used on virtually any bike you are riding… Well, it seems like great value.
Almost. Needs to try harder for the price point.
By: on 7 January 2019
I have done 6000km with this GL Great Basin saddle bag across Aust. Its a great "concept" but I have found that it is almost a good piece of kit. There are some points that I can share for potential buyers. 1. It requires a bit of time to get onto the bike. there are three rear straps and two lower side straps to bike plus 3 roll top straps and 2 roll top lock down straps. These give it a secure mounting to the Bike. But require time to get them attached. If you need to remove the bag at night for hotel or walking to camp site you will have to undo them all to remove and start again in the morning to attach. There Is not simple way to do this. Its more of a lock it on and leave it there the whole trip type of system. I found this annoying as I sometimes need to park bike unattended for a while. Or even just wanting to do a day trip without the bulk. On a long trip I got tired of un strapping it and spending 20min every morning putting it back on. 2. Bag is NOT water proof. It comes with three water proof internal bags. One fits down each leg and a larger one across the top body of the bag. The roll top keeps out the dust and water out but the seams are not waterproof. they are stitched and not welded .If you leave items in this bag they will get wet in the rain. When I re read the blurb it states. "highly water resistant vinyl tarp outer shell reinforced with ballistic nylon" Not water proof. If you are running this in dry conditions then its fine. But any items not inside the internal bag will get wet if it rains or water crossings. I discovered this the hard way leaving the bag on the bike for the night with items inside it. Everything was soaked that I left inside the bag. I took the internal bags to the tent as I didn't have time in the dark to remove the whole bag. This is somewhat annoying as you think the roll top makes it waterproof like other roll top bags, but no, it just helps seal it. If water does get in the bag it has no way to drain. So you can end up with a puddle in each leg. Took days to dry the bag and required me to buy more roll top dry bags from camping store to place other items in. I think its a good bag with some short comings. Size Suits larger ADV bikes on longer dry weather trips as 60 ltrs capacity can carry most gear. But the amount of straps and lack of waterproofness makes it a piece of kit I would not purchase again. For the $645 they are selling for it should be easier to attach and better weather protection. It may suit other riders perfectly, In my case, it didn't. maybe the next version might address these points.

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