Giant Loop Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage – 2019 NEW Design

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Updated for 2019, Giant Loop’s award winning Pannier Mounts offer greater adjustability in the ultimate quick-release, lockable solution for soft luggage and gear.

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Giant Loop Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage New 2019 Updated Design Giant Loop Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage New 2019 Updated Design
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Giant Loop Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage – New 2019 Updated Design - BMW GSA Models Giant Loop Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage – New 2019 Updated Design - BMW GSA Models
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GL Pannier Mounts for Motorcycle Soft Luggage – 2019

2018 Powersports Business Nifty 50 Winner!

REDESIGNED AND UPDATED FOR 2019: GL Pannier Mounts for motorcycle soft luggage! Designed in Bend, Oregon by Giant Loop, these ultra light, ultra tough quick release, quick mount, lockable black anodized aluminum plates secure Giant Loop’s Round The World PanniersMotoTrekk PanniersRotoPax gas or water packs and other gear to many popular motorcycle side luggage racks. PAIR WEIGHS LESS THAN 4 lbs. Sold as a set of two, with four matching keys and stainless steel hardware included for Round The World Panniers installation.

COMPATIBLE SIDE LUGGGE RACKS: Giant Loop Pannier Mounts fit a wide array of side luggage racks with flat, vertical hoops constructed with 16-18mm round tubing (more options available soon!). Examples: ADVM X-Frames, Outback Motortek, Givi Outback, Touratech, KTM Powerparts (1090, 1190, 1290) and the BMW R1200, R1250 and F850 GS Adventures’ OEM luggage racks (Giant Loop adapter required for exhaust side of BMW GSA). Other adapters and mounting options available soon. If your side luggage rack is not compatible, take a look at our MotoTrekk Panniers and Siskiyou Panniers, which do not require mounting hardware.

Bolt Rotopax Pack Mount to GL Pannier Mount‘s pre-drilled holes for a quick-release, lockable motorcycle luggage rack mounted fuel and/or water carrying solution.

• Aircraft grade aluminum with anodized black finish
• Includes two matching keys
• Includes stainless steel hardware kit to attach Giant Loop’s Round The World Panniers
• Adjustable hook and latch positions
• Pre-drilled for Rotopax mount
• Multiple webbing slots to anchor MotoTrekk Panniers or other gear
• Thumbscrew prevents Pannier Mount from sliding on rack tubing


GL Pannier Mounts confirmed fit list of racks, motorcycles:

  • ADVM X-Frames (variety of popular ADV and dual sport makes and models)
  • With BMW GS Adapter: BMW R1200 GS Adventure (left and right exhaust models), BMW R1250 GS Adventure, BMW F850 GS Adventure OE rack
  • Touratech racks – all makes/models
  • Honda Africa Twin – Givi Outback rack (w/ parts removed)
  • Triumph Tiger 800 OE Givi (w/ parts removed)
  • KTM Powersparts racks for KTM 1090, 1190, 1290
  • 16-18mm round tubing racks with flat, vertical sides, including Outback Motortek

About Giant Loop:

GIANT LOOP MOTO when compared to Wolfman is what KTM is to BMW when it comes to soft luggage for your off road adventures. Both brands are great however GO LIGHT, GO FAST, GO FAR is the mantra of Giant Loop. As creators of the world's first Biomorphic soft motorcycle luggage, which made carrying gear for trail riders and light adventure bike riders a reality. It meant no more overloaded backpacks or strapped on gear ending in the chain of your bike or under the back wheel. The Giant Loop Great Basin, Coyote and super trim Mojavi Saddlebag systems do not need luggage racks fitted to your bike, however, the bags can comfortably and safely hold up to 68Litres of luggage (Great Basin) for days or weeks off the road. Innovative, strong and light as well as waterproof… Giant Loop has a luggage system, including hybrid panniers and large volume saddlebags to suit just about any motorcycle.

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A necessary addition.

By: on 13 September 2019
These Giant Loop Pannier Mounts make traveling with soft panniers so much more comfortable when on the road, either camping or staying in pubs. Without the racks it was necessary to connect the panniers to your racks with straps and strapping them on and then undoing them each day becomes tiresome after a couple of days. With these racks all that is necessary is pressing one clip and you are carrying them away alleviating the necessity for inner bags. Being able to lock them onto the bike is a bonus. Highly recommend them when asked.

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