KLIM Krios Pro Is HERE! | COVID-19 Returns Update

Author: Steve Smith   Date Posted:2 April 2020 

Click here to see the Krios Pro in all its glory! 


Hey guys, Steve from Adventure Moto here! We’ve got the new Krios Pro helments in stock NOW. We finally managed to get some in from KLIM. We understand that America's having trouble with shipping products and production lines at the moment, so they've actually dropped some of the colourways, but we've got our hands on three great new colours! We’ve got Mekka Kinetik Blue, Loko Striking Grey and Mekka Vidid Sage.


You can see that they come without peaks attached because they have transition lenses on the face. When you fit your visor and flip the lid up there is some mottling but I find that it only takes 30-60 seconds for it to adjust to the light. I’ve had no trouble with transition lenses in my own Krios!


Look, there’s a lot of talk about size and fit guarantee right now. If we send you a helmet and it isn’t quite the right size, we’ll still replace it for you. Normal return conditions apply, with some extra steps on our end. You still have to return it with all the stickers on and everything in the box so we can sell it as new. When we get it back we take it out of the box, steam clean every helmet, disinfect it, wipe it down with disinfectant wipes, make sure all the hard surfaces are clean and then a steam clean does the rest of the job. It goes back in to stock and into quarantine for 3-4 days before we even send it out again. Rest assured that even in these crazy COVID-19 times, the helmets you buy will be fresh and clean. You’re able to try them on, and send them back if they don’t fit.


I know it’s hard right now, when we want to stay fit and healthy. So ride when you can, where you can and if things get too tough well, my view is… ARMAGEDDON OUTTA HERE!


Click here to see the Krios Pro in all its glory! 



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