Outback Motortek KTM 1090 Adventure R Bash Plate

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The Outback Motortek KTM 1090 Adventure Bash Plate offers protection for your engine and its components, such as the exhaust header and oil cooler, which otherwise may be badly exposed during off-roading.

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Please Note: We are in the process of testing compatability with the KTM 1190 Adventure R.

Outback Motortek bash plate offers protection for your KTM Adventure’s engine and its components, such as the exhaust header and oil cooler, which otherwise may be badly exposed during off-roading.

Bash Plate Features:

  • Protects crucial areas of the engine – oil pan, engine case, oil cooler, oil filter and exhaust header! That’s a long list of very expensive parts to expose to any sort of damage that will reduce your KTM 1090 Adventure’s value in no time.
  • Uniquely designed vent system – Not only unique but very-well thought out. No unnecessary holes were designed on this bash plate. As a result, your engine will less likely to overheat when mud and all sorts of debris from off-roading fly at the engine and get stuck between the skid plate and the engine/exhaust header.
  • Embossed ribs – These additional ribs add a lot of strength to the skid plate where it matters the most: the bottom. By embossing these ribs into the skid plate, we increase the cross-section of the material to about 9mm, hence this area is nearly twice as strong as other parts. Not to mention, these ribs act like gliders while your skid plate tries to slide over rocks, logs and other hard obstacles on offroad trails. Smaller surface means less resistance.
  • True off-road and adventure shape – What does that even mean?? It means we have experience in building top-notch bash plates. We avoid designing skid plates that are shaped like boxes, have sharp edges and corners and will guaranteed to restrict your rides off road. We design and build skid plates that you will only benefit from while riding on rough terrain.
  • 5mm thick laser cut aluminum – Nothing is ever an overkill on an adventure bike, hence we choose to build our bash plates from this ridiculously tough and thick, yet lightweight material.
  • Tough mounting hardware – No cutting corners here (either)! Precision laser cut pieces for perfect fitment using 4 and 5mm thick metal mounts. These parts absorb a lot of impacts from riding through (off-road) hell, rather than your bikes chassis or engine that are worth thousands of dollars.
  • Sandblasted to achieve the best possible adhesion of the coatings – it’s an extremely vital part of our manufacturing process. Sandblasted surfaces will withstand most surface scratches and give you a longer-lasting product.
  • Powder coated – combined with sandblasting it’s a killer combination to protect your product’s surface. No frills and tough just like your ADV/Dual Sport bike!


Outback Motortek Bashplate on the KTM 1190

By: on 17 September 2018
I bought this bashplate fully understanding it was designed primarily for the newer 1090. Although Adventure Moto gave me the option of a refund I chose to modify and fit it instead. No provision for a centre stand has been made with this design so extensive modifications to the plate and mounting brackets was required. Although I'm a qualified metal worker the whole process was still tricky and time consuming. I would highly recommend it for the 1090 certainly but definitely not suitable for the 1190.

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