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Andy Strapz Rain Off One Finger Over Glove is made from tough 100% waterproof material with welded seams to keep even the heaviest downpour off your hands.

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You will find minimal loss of feeling (if any) riding with a pair of these overgloves as there is no "compression" of your hand, unlike some bulky "claimed waterproof" gloves with liners. And you will notice a strange snug warm sensation disassociated with wet weather motorcycle riding..... They are essential for the serious all condition motorcycle rider, whether touring or commuting. Some people use their whole hand for clutch/throttle change so either overglove is suitable. Others may use only their first finger (index) in which case, the 1 finger version is the overglove for you.

It doesn't matter what part of the motorcycling fraternity you're from - NOBODY likes cold wet hands. Living in the Waitakere Ranges (a rain forest), we know all about rain - and we took on the mission of doing something about it! RAIN-OFF Overgloves are made, designed, extensively tested, and distributed by us here in New Zealand.

We, like hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists worldwide, have been plagued by cold wet hands (especially in winter months) making what would be an enjoyable ride, a misery. "It only takes 10 minutes of solid rain to soak most and dampen all leather gloves" and even when it stops raining your gloves stay wet well into the next day. It doesn't have to be raining to wear the Overgloves either - a cold night's ride will see me snug and happy - and a lot safer too, as you can still feel your fingers to operate your controls.

To make a glove that is truly 100% waterproof, it needs to be made from tough 100% waterproof material that has welded seams - not stitched. This is what we have developed with our "RAIN-OFF" Overgloves.

These overgloves work. To prove their "Genuinely 100% Waterproof" claim we had an overglove hanging upside down filled with water for two days at the "Cold Kiwi" motorcycle rally (a winter motorcycle rally in the coldest central part of the North Island). If water can't get out it won't get in, so proving to the many sceptical enquiries I have had about my 100% claim. They simply can't leak! The M/C glove market has many false claimants to the "waterproof" title (beware of gloves titled "water resistant" or "weather proof"......they don't work.......not riding a motorcycle in the rain at speed anyway) so I can fully understand this sceptical attitude.


These overgloves are made by another "avid motorcyclist" at NZ Safety, here in New Zealand. Each pair is quality checked more than once before being sent to the customer. Why not made in Asia like everything else? Simple. Quality Control.

Too much heat on the welded seam weakens the waterproof coating either side of the weld causing it to split on the curves. Not enough heat in the weld weakens the actual welded seam causing 'delamination' and leaking. It's got to be right.

It's a great advantage marketing our own product and being able to contact the customer directly to see if the product is as good as we think it is. We know our product works. (Check out our Rider Feedback Page. Riders all over the world will attest to this claim!)

Five Sizes. {IMPORTANT. Please measure your hand with reference to the hand image below for an accurate size. Below is a basic guide only}.


How to measure chart

  • XS - Fit small to average women riders. Hand size - 140mm to 160mm. {5 1/2 inches to 6 1/4 inches}.
  • SMALL - Fit riders under 5'8 {ish}. Hand size - 160mm to 180mm. {6 1/4 inches to 7 inches}.
  • MEDIUM - Fit riders 5'8 to 5'10 {ish}. Hand size - 180mm to 200mm, {7 inches to 8 inches}.
  • LARGE - Fit riders 5'10 to 6ft {ish}. Hand size - 200mm to 220mm. {8 inches to 8 3/4 inches}.
  • XL - Some riders have huge hands & long fingers. Hand size 220mm or larger. {8 3/4 inches or larger}.

Andy Strapz Rain Off One Finger Over Glove is available in the following sizes:

  • Extra Small

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