Rippa Grips

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Motorrad Garage Rippa Grips offer great rider comfort and reduce hand & wrist fatigue by allowing you to slip the motorcycle grips right over existing ones.

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Rippa Grips


Rippa Grips simply slip over the original grips, offering great rider comfort. They are designed specifically to absorb vibration, which in return reduces hand and wrist fatigue improving the whole riding experience. Rippa Grips are approximately 4 mm in thickness, so once installed the total grip size will be larger, which is excellent if your hands suffer from cramping.  They are made from a unique Anti-Kinetic EPDM compound material, which is reistant to UV and many solvents.


  • Simply use a little soapy water for lubrication and slide over the original grips. Just allow the water to dry before you go on your next ride.
  • Length: 12.5 cm, which can be cut down to accommodate shorter grips. 


Rippa Gripes
By: on 25 May 2020
I purchased these to try to fix the vibrations from a EXC 500. A bit of an unfair test for the Rippa grips. I fixed the problem by selling the bike and keeping the grips.
Rippa Grips
By: on 19 April 2020
Love these grips, coming from a Harley to a European bike I was cramping after a couple of hours. Installed the grips problem solved. Easy to follow instructions. A must accessory.
Rippa Grips - I like them
By: on 15 February 2020
Purchased at set of Rippa Grips for my Africa Twin and i like these. I had Grip Puppies on prior and these seem a little smaller in diameter which suits my hand size. This makes it easier on the clutch hand. They also seem a bit softer.

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