Seat Concepts BMW G650GS (2008-2017) / F650GS Single Cylinder (2000-2007) Comfort

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Seat Concepts BMW G650GS (2008-current)/ F650GS (2000-2007) Single Cylinder Foam & Cover kits are the best on the market to ensure longevity on your ride.

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This model is the same height as the stock F650GS Seat

This model is 25mm (1") LOWER than the stock F650 Dakar/Sertao Seat

Seat Concepts seats are constructed using a foam material that is a much higher quality than OEM seat foam. Our proprietary formula provides a more plush and active ride, while still offering the necessary amount of support. Our unique comfort shape maintains a similar contour to stock at the front of the seat so the rider’s legs are not spread farther apart, but tapers out towards the mid-point to distribute rider weight over a greater area.

On this model, we built up the front of the seat, but dished out the rear slightly to level out the angle of the rider platform, and reduce the slope-into-tank feeling of the stock seat.

These features combine to offer a custom seat feel, and provide greater enjoyment and increased range on a long commute, or adventure ride!

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1994 F650
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2000 F650, F650GS, Dakar
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2017 G650GS, Sertao

Seat Concepts BMW G650GS (2008-2017) / F650GS Single Cylinder (2000-2007) Comfort is available in the following cover options:
  • All Carbon Fiber (out of stock)
  • Vinyl Sides / Embossed Top (out of stock)
  • Carbon Fiber Sides / Low Slip Top (out of stock)
Seat Concepts BMW G650GS (2008-2017) / F650GS Single Cylinder (2000-2007) Comfort is available in the following seat options:
  • Foam & Cover Kit (out of stock)

About Seat Concepts:

SEAT CONCEPTS is a world-class manufacturer of high quality and great value motorcycle comfort and race seats. All seats are manufactured in the United States. Seat Concepts has been making Off Road and Adventure Bike seats, as well as custom seats for classic and sports bikes and now expanding into the cruiser (think HD) market, for over ten years. With a range of covers, foam densities and heights to suit every type of rider (Low, Standard and Tall) for hundreds of bike models and years, Seat Concepts probably has a seat kit or a complete seat to fit your bike. Our most popular seat finish is a “Carbon Fibre Gripper” cover that offers a level of friction to help stop you sliding every time you hit the brakes and a standard density foam is suitable for most riders. The real trick is how Seat Concepts seats support the riders hipbones with their wider than standard seats and superior density foam. You can’t turn your two wheels into a lounge chair, however, if you can extend your ride time and comfort throughout the day, then Seat Concepts if probably the best value seat solution you can invest in.

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SKU 14-0650


Comfy seat
By: on 19 March 2018
I fitted a Seat Concepts seat kit to my BMW G650 GS and have just returned from 1500 km ride into the Victorian high country. The seat performed well and was much better than the stock seat which I found crippling after an hour or so. The new seat was relatively easy to put together but I did need the use of an air stapler to attach the vinyl cover. The overall result was quite pleasing. The only criticism I have is that the foam supplied didn't quite cover the lip of the front of the seat which has resulted in a bigger gap between the tank and the seat. I will fill this with a section of rubber when I find something suitable.

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