BestRest BeadBrakR for Tubeless Tyres

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BestRest BeadBrakR for Tubeless Tyres is a levering device that incorporates a trio of tire irons into the mechanism used to remove the rubber tire from the metal rim

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The BestRest TireIron BeadBrakR (TIBB) is a levering device that incorporates a trio of tire irons into the mechanism used to remove the rubber tire from the metal rim. When the bead is free from the rim, use those same tire irons to remove the tire from the rim. What could be more simple, more efficient, more utilitarian? 

Brilliantly simple but amazingly effective, downward force at the end of the lever forces the plunger onto the tire sidewall, breaking the bead. (Note - the term "breaking the bead" does not imply that the tire sidewall is damaged, this is just a common industry term.)

The BeadBrakR can be used anytime, ANYWHERE to change a tire, fix a flat, or perform other tire repairs.

Compact, lightweight, and easy to assemble using quick release ring pins, the entire kit fits in your hand and rolls up nicely in the storage pouch.  Overall size of the BeadBrakR kit with all the accessories is 2” thick x 5.5” wide x 12” long. Total weight is 3.1 pounds, for the kit with steel tire irons. 

Because we know the BeadBrakR will see some pretty rough conditions around the world we selected materials that’ll stand up to the elements: The 8.5” long tire irons are gold zinc plated to prevent corrosion.Other components are rustproof 17-7 and 304 stainless steel, precision laser cut and formed and TIG welded for maximum strength. The 17-7 alloy we’re using also makes aircraft cockpit doors bulletproof.

The BeadBrakR kit contains the following items:

3 - Tire irons (8.5” long) gold zinc plated  
1 - BeadBrakR assemblies (Corner, Lever, Plunger, Lock Bar) rustproof stainless steel
2 - Lanyards to secure the 5 quick release assembly pins
1 - Bottle BeadGoop tire mounting lube that makes tire removal easy
1 - Valve Stem Multi-Tool that tightens or removes cores and inserts new valve stems*
1 - Instructions with bead breaking and tire mounting tips

*The TUBELESS version threads on the OUTSIDE of the valve stem. It is used to install a new rubber valve stem when needed.


About BestRest:

BestRest manufactures hard parts for your motorcycle made from the finest quality material available and will not settle for anything less! Motorcycle accessories should reflect a level of workmanship, quality, and finish worthy of your trust, hence why Best Rest, simply test everything themselves to ensure their products perform as advertised!

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BestRest Bead Braker

By: on 12 February 2018
I have used the BestRest BeadBrakR to change approximately 6-7 tyres on my BMW GS Adventure with spoke rims and tubeless tyres. The best aspect of the tool is that it packs very small and is easy to carry on the bike which is important for an adventure bike. This of course comes at a cost, the levers are short and therefore require more effort, I can easily do the 19" front tyre by myself but need a friend to remove or install the tyre on the 17" rear. Apart from that it is well made and easy to assemble. Make sure that you take a good look at their online videos and practice a couple of times in your garage before having to do it on the road site on some remote trail.

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