Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag

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Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag is our smallest bag yet - it's the dirt bike glove box! Sometimes you only need the bare bones basics.

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Our smallest bag yet - it’s the dirt bike glove box! Sometimes you only need the bare bones basics — wallet, phone, registration/insurance cards and other small items. Perfect for dirt bikes and technical riding.

Specs & Features:

  • Volume: 1.5 litres
  • Straps to almost any motorcycle’s handlebars — completely out of the way
  • Interior mesh zippered pocket
  • Threads onto belt or pack when removed from machine
  • Military-spec materials and construction
  • Made in U.S.A.
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  • BMW, KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, Husqvarna

About Giant Loop:

GIANT LOOP MOTO when compared to Wolfman is what KTM is to BMW when it comes to soft luggage for your off road adventures. Both brands are great however GO LIGHT, GO FAST, GO FAR is the mantra of Giant Loop. As creators of the world's first Biomorphic soft motorcycle luggage, which made carrying gear for trail riders and light adventure bike riders a reality. It meant no more overloaded backpacks or strapped on gear ending in the chain of your bike or under the back wheel. The Giant Loop Great Basin, Coyote and super trim Mojavi Saddlebag systems do not need luggage racks fitted to your bike, however, the bags can comfortably and safely hold up to 68Litres of luggage (Great Basin) for days or weeks off the road. Innovative, strong and light as well as waterproof… Giant Loop has a luggage system, including hybrid panniers and large volume saddlebags to suit just about any motorcycle.

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Good bag
By: on 4 May 2020
Not quite as big as I expected but perfect for a wallet, multi tool, sunnies and that sort of thing. Good quality typical of giant loop.
Small but just wright
By: on 28 June 2019
Love this handelbar bag but which l have mounted to the side of the rear panniers great for USB cables and enough room for my sun glasses and bits and pieces only complaint l wish it was water proof but lm happy with it

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