Klim 2019 Krios Pro Helmet Ece/Dot

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Carved From The Krios Dot/Ece Chassis, The Krios Pro Is The First Adv-Specific Dot Helmet In North America To Integrate Koroyd® Materials And Construction. The Krios Pro Helmet Elevates Standards In Comfort, Performance And Airflow While Leaving Tradition

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Klim Krios Pro Helmet Ece/Dot 

• Full Karbon Fiber Hand Laid Shell
• Optimized Shell Resin
Distrubtion For Weight Reduction
• Koroyd® Energy Absorbing Materials/Construction
• Koroyd® Structures Crush Homogenously For Better Impact Absorption
• Fully Adjustable Chin/Forehead Vents
• Pinlock-Ready® Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate Shield
• Transitions® Photochromic Lens Included
• Fid-Lock® Strap Closure System
• Four Ride Modes: Street, Adventure, Dirt, Trail
• Goggles Compatible With Face Shield Removed
• Refined Aerodynamics, Vents, Liner System For Quieter Ride
• Visor And Spoiler Designed For Aerodynamic Stability
• Ece/Dot Certified
• Klimatek™ Antimicrobial/
Moisture-Wicking Liner
• Sena 10u Compatible
• Quick-Release, No-Tool Shield And Visor
• Tested And Revised By Real-World Adventure RidersCarved From The Krios Dot/Ece Chassis, The Krios Pro Is The First Adv-Specific Dot Helmet In North America To Integrate Koroyd® Materials And Construction. The Krios Pro Helmet Elevates Standards In Comfort, Performance And Airflow While Leaving Traditional Compromises Behind. The Ultimate Adv Experience Is Made Possible By High Performance Karbon™ Fiber Construction, Four-Ride-Mode Versatility, Aerodynamic Superiority And Unrivaled Acoustical And Contact Comfort.

Klim 2019 Krios Pro Helmet Ece/Dot is available in the following sizes:

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium (out of stock)
  • Large (out of stock)
  • XLarge
  • 2XLarge
  • 3XLarge (out of stock)

Klim 2019 Krios Pro Helmet Ece/Dot is available in the following colour options:

  • Arsenal Dune
  • Matte Black
  • Arsenal Grey

About Klim:

KLIM Technical Riding Gear is a global leader in designing, developing, sourcing and distributing the most advanced powersports apparel for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider. Utilizing the world’s highest technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials, like GORE-TEX ® products, KLIM offers gear for the most demanding riders. Driven by the continual feedback and input from dedicated test pilots and passionate customers, KLIM strives to do one thing above all – improve the riding experience without compromise.

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Amazingly light

By: on 3 October 2019
I was amazed how light and comfortable this helmet was ... also it looks awesome. Its even lighter then my BMW System 7 helmet even after the Sena 20S and Sena Prism Tube got stuck on my helmet Fits my goggles perfect Have I mentioned it looks great!!

Super helmet

By: on 11 June 2019
Love this helmet. Light, great buckle and transition lens

Well impressed

By: on 18 May 2019
I was sceptical. It was an expensive helmet. The last one I had was cheaper, a well known brand adventure type and a good helmet. Not great but good. This helmet is fantastic. It has a great field of view, plenty of ventilation, and very little travel noise. Fitting the Sena S20 was tricky, however there is plenty of room for the speakers at the ears. Did I say it had great ventilation? I didn’t believe the sales pitch regarding the transition lens and was going to replace it with the clear, even told the salesperson I thought it was cods wollop. I’ll have to apologise for that, the transition lens is tha bomb... it’s great. So far a great helmet. Might have to finally bin my faithful old AGV... Great helmet.

The real test

By: on 23 April 2019
I will start my review at the beginning with the purchase experience. I ordered the Klim Krios Pro helmet from Adventure Moto in Sydney and the experience was what I have come to expect from these guys. Friendly, professional and efficient. The day my helmet arrived in the country, I received a call from them, paid online and had the helmet delivered overnight. I had no qualms about not trying the helmet on as Adventure moto provide a size and fit guarantee. In the event I ordered a Large to replace my Large Shoei Hornet and the fit was perfect. In the box The helmet comes with two visors (one photochromatic and one clear) a peak and a pinlock shield. The peak is not fitted but this is really a 2 minute job and can be managed easily without tools. I would recommend that if you are fitting the peak that you remove the photochromatic visor which is the one that comes fitted. The reason for this is that the peak can cast a shadow on the visor and you can have half the visor dark and the other clear which can be quite disconcerting. The first thing I noticed was how light the helmet was and how the fit felt firm and snug but not at all claustrophobic. This may be due to the large visor area which gives great peripheral vision. The other big change is the strap which is not the traditional D ring, but rather a hook and magnet affair. This can be put on and taken off while wearing gloves which is a feature I would not have thought to ask for but really loved. I was slightly concerned that it could come undone in an accident. (spoiler alert, it didn’t) The first part of our trip was a 750klm highway trip down to Hay. This was a great test for comfort, road noise and buffeting. In terms of comfort the Krios pro far outperformed my previous Shoei Hornet and I would put this down to the reduced weight and the comfortable liner. The Krios Pro also took the prize in terms of road noise and this also lead to a more pleasant ride. In terms of buffeting, the two helmets were pretty much the same at legal speeds. Above this (if indeed I had done this which I will always deny) The Hornet was slightly better. That night we sat in the pub and discussed helmets. My riding partners were sporting a new Arai XD4 and an AGV AX9. We all agreed that the KLIM looked best but one friend commented that it felt so light that he would not want to wear it in an accident. I spouted forth on the virtues of the koroyd technology, but he remained unconvinced. The next day we hit some terrible dirt roads between Ivanhoe and Menindee where large trucks had torn up the road carrying 122 tonnes each of railway ballast. In many spots the road suddenly turned from solid gravel to talcum powder in the blink of an eye. During this 200klm section I was glad of the additional ventilation the Krios Pr provided. It was 34 degrees and I was also wearing a full Badlands jacket and pants. The real test 30klms short of Menindee it happened. I was traveling at 90kph when my front wheel suddenly dived into a large pothole which had been hidden by the bulldust. The bike and I parted company and I flew 20m through the air and landed headfirst like a spear. I slowly struggled to my feet and took of the helmet. I was glad not to be struggling with a d-ring in my shaken state. When I took of the helmet I was amazed that it was totally intact. I could see the point of impact but only because this was less dusty than the surrounding area. Because I had landed head first, I was taken by ambulance to Menindee where I was looked after by Mel, an amazing Remote Area Nurse. Mel had seen the impact in the ground where my head had impacted and could not believe that I had not lost consciousness or had any skull damage. Her main concern was to see if the impact had caused compression fractures to my spine. From there I was taken by ambulance to Broken Hill. With any accident like this, the helmet is sent with the patient so that the Dr’s can do a visual inspection. Again, they were amazed at how well the helmet had stood up and were in little doubt that it had saved my life. Thankfully I was also cleared of ant spinal damage and was released from hospital that night So, would I recommend the Klim Krios Pro? All day, every day.

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