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Author: Team Adventure Moto   Date Posted:15 May 2024 


When it comes to adventure riding, your helmet is the most critical piece of kit. It needs to be comfortable, fit well and, most importantly, protect your head. Enter the Klim Krios Pro, designed by the company who eat, sleep and breathe adventure. This helmet is equipped to withstand the toughest of rides, handling long distances, different terrains, climate zones and altitudes.


Superior Design

The Klim Krios Pro raises the bar for lightweight comfort in the ADV world. A carbon fibre and resin shell means it only weighs 1.3kg - the lack of mass surprises us every time we pick it up - meaning you feel less neck strain and fatigue on long rides.

There’s also an optimal ventilation system with four intakes and four exhaust ports strategically placed to maximise airflow and dissipate heat, the chin and forehead vents are also fully adjustable. The KLIMATEK™ lining is also super plush, moisture-wicking and can be removed and thrown in the wash.

The visibility specs are off the charts. You’ve got a transition lens that adjusts to light conditions. It’s PINLOCK-READY® to combat fogging and the eye port is roomy enough for goggles to fit inside.


Advanced Safety Features

When the going’s good, it’s easy to take things for granted. But when something goes wrong, and on an off-road adventure this can happen in a split second, that’s when you really appreciate the safety gear and high-tech that goes into it. The Koroyd® energy-absorbing liner lessens the severity of impact to the head thanks to tiny tubes that buckle and absorb the force.

The helmet also exceeds ECE and DOT standards for superior safety, meaning you can ride with peace of mind knowing it’s undergone rigorous testing.


Klim Krios Pro Helmet ECE/DOT


Extra Perks

  • Aero Acoustics reduce noise levels inside the helmet while you’re cruising.
  • Four-ride modes - take off the visor to go from adventure-ready to everyday street helmet, or take off the shield and put on goggles for a dirt bike version - all without tools!
  • An integrated communication system accommodates popular communication devices to talk to fellow riders, listen to music or follow GPS directions without compromising safety or comfort.
  • Fid-Lock® Strap closure system has a quick-release magnet so you don’t even have to remove your gloves.
  • Comes in sizes XS - XXXL.



What’s the difference between the Krios and Krios Pro?
If you’re wondering where your extra $300 is going, we’ll put it simply: Upgraded face shield to a transition version, PINLOCK-READY® insert included, revised chin vent and upgraded safety.

How do I get the right-sized helmet?
The Klim Krios Pro is designed for intermediate oval head shapes. To figure out your shape, have a friend take a photo of the top of your noggin (slick down your hair with water if you’ve got some!). You should then measure the circumference of your head just above your brows to the thicket point at the rear. Use this measurement to cross-reference with the helmet size chart for Klim.

How do I wash the inner lining?
Wash by hand in mild soap and leave to air dry. The removable cheek pads can also be washed.


The Ultimate Companion - Just Ask These Guys!

Brian - “This is ‘the’ helmet. I purchased it online from AdventureMoto in 2021 and I’ve been wearing it ever since. Sure it’s expensive, but you get what you pay for! I came off in soft sand at around 50km/h. I landed on my chin first and the helmet ‘broke my fall’. This helmet saved my life.”

Leon - “I was amazed how light and comfortable this helmet was…also it looks awesome.”

Don - “Would I recommend the Klim Krios Pro? All day, every day. The experience with Adventure Moto was also what I have come to expect from these guys. Friendly, professional and efficient.”

Jeff from Great Northern Moto Adventures - “Safer, lightweight and well-ventilated. Plus the sun-sensitive visor is ideal for cruising through different landscapes.”


We offer a Size Fit Guarantee so you can be confident in finding the right size. Once you’re fitted with this ultimate sidekick, you’ll be ready to take on every adventure. Happy riding!


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