ADVWorx Luggage Range: JUST LANDED

Author: Adventure Moto   Date Posted:23 March 2021 



Today, Steve is taking a look at the new ADVWorx TPU luggage system that we at Adventure Moto have had a hand in creating (and we're very excited about it)! TPU, for anyone who doesn't know, is a super heavy-duty material that is highly abrasion-resistant, even stronger than the commonly used PVC. It's an extremely great quality material to work with, in fact, many premium luggage brands use the exact same material to construct their products! What we're most excited about though, is from a price perspective, this luggage range is going to be unbelievable.


Starting from our smallest ADVWorx luggage item, the Compact 8L bag can be used as a convenient tail bag, or as crash bar bags. The Compact 8L goes great on a small dirt bike, or you can pair them up with your other luggage on bigger bikes to carry your tools and stuff with ease. Fantastic bit of luggage.


Now let's talk about saddlebags. Our big brother of saddlebags is the ADVWorx TREKK 30L per side saddlebag. We've also got an ADVWorx TREKK 20L per side version, which is going to be more compact for guys on smaller bikes. Now, when you talk price for a 20L a side saddlebag, other brands start at the $600 - $800 range, and for 30L, you're usually talking $800 up to $1,200 for a pair of saddlebags! These ultra heavy-duty ADVWorx 30L saddlebags are starting at just $595 a pair! That includes not only the crossover strips to marry two saddlebags together on frame to frame, you also have another set of straps, which will loop through one frame across so you can carry one of the saddlebags!


These saddlebags have a great structure, sporting a strong back & tough rubber handle to carry around with. They’ve got a quick release on both sides so you can even put the crossover straps under the seat on the pillion seat and just clip them off. The bags also feature a purge valve, so if you need to push some air out, you can simply open the valve and release it. Extra multi strapping so I can strap some other stuff to the side of the bag. These bags are the perfect companion for your next ride, super hard-wearing, and a four-point mount, meaning they won't go anywhere!


As part of the range, we've also got heavy-duty dufflebags, ranging from a 30L duffle, a 40L duffle, and a 50L duffle! These bags include the same great TPC construction and strong structure found in the rest of the range. Complete with multi strapping, you can put some Rok Straps or some other sorts of straps across with ease. The range offers you great space, with plenty of practical storage for all your gear! You'll be able to throw your sleeping bag, your tent, your whole camping equipment in there, and even a seat, we're sure!


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