Six Reasons You Need A Fuel Bladder For Your Next Big Adventure

Author: Team Adventure Moto   Date Posted:21 March 2024 


We all love a big adventure, especially on the dusty outback roads, but with big distance comes an issue - carrying excess fuel, so you can get all the way there…and then get back! There are plenty of options on the market to store extra fuel: canisters, bottles but we reckon our favourite is the fuel bladder. That’s why we made our own - The ADVWORX™ Fuel Bag.


But What Is A Fuel Bladder?

Fuel Bladders are collapsible, flexible bags that provide short-term storage for petrol, giving you the freedom to travel to more remote regions. They’re great for adventure and dirt bike riders who need to get through that ‘long’ section without an extra-large capacity tank.


Let’s explore the reasons why a fuel bag is the simplest, easiest fuel storage solution on the market:


  1. Minimal Cost: They’re a cost-effective way of increasing your fuel capacity without having to alter your bike’s design.
  2. Versatility: There are SO many ways to attach the fuel bladder to your gear with plenty of strap-down points. You can even use them on Jet Skis or ATVs if that’s your vibe. The MOLLE strapping on the ADVWORX™ Fuel Bags is reflective so if you put the bladder down in the dark and ride off (trust us, it happens!), you can find it again.
  3. Extended Range: Carry extra fuel for long-distance rides or through remote areas where gas stations are scarce, or might not have power…or gas! We’ve got 5 or 8-litre sizes to suit your trip and depending on how long your ride is, your riding style or bike, they could give you an extra 100+ ks of fuel.
  4. Easy to Use: All ADVWORX™ Fuel Bags come with an Ezi-Pour spout to transfer fuel into your motorcycle (we’ve even added a pocket for it!). When it comes to filling up, it’s as simple as unscrewing the safety cap, screwing in the spout and pouring it in. Rubber grip handles on each end make it easy to manoeuvre.
  5. Durable: Things can get hectic when you’re on the road of adventure, so we’ve made our fuel bladders from super tough materials to withstand the rigours of ADV biking, including rough terrain and potential drops. We’re so confident in their quality that every single fuel bag that leaves our warehouse is put through a compression test - so you know 100% there’ll be no leakages on your next epic adventure!
  6. Packs Away: Once you’ve emptied all the fuel, just roll it up and chuck it in your tank or saddle bag! It’s super lightweight and compact so takes up no room.


When it comes to transporting fuel while you’re off-roading, we can’t recommend a fuel bladder (specifically our ADVWORX™ Fuel Bags) enough! One thing to note though, these aren’t compliant fuel containers so can’t be used for long-term fuel storage meaning you should transfer your fuel load into your adventure bike at your earliest convenience.



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