BestRest BestHex 26mm Tyre Iron Hex Adapter

BestRest BestHex 26mm Tyre Iron Hex Adapter to be use with your tire lever to become a spanner, allowing you to loosen or tighten your wheel nut.

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26mm Hex Wrench Adapter for your Tyre Iron.

Looking for a way to reduce the number of tools you carry on your bike? Got an axle nut that requires a large wrench to change a tire or make other repairs?

Now you can leave your large tools at home - all you need is a BestHex Wrench and a BestRest Tire Iron. The tire iron becomes the "handle" of the Wrench, providing the leverage you need to loosen (or tighten) the nut.

How To Use BestHex 26mm Hex Wrench Adapter?

To use, slip the tire iron into the slots of the BestHex and you'll have all the leverage you need to loosen or tighten those axle nuts and bolts. BestHex wrenches only fit with the Patented tire irons sold by BestRest Products, which are also the same ones found in the BestRest Tire Iron BeadBrakR. It also fits Aerostich's titanium Tar Arns (which are licensed under BestRest's Patent). To determine the size you'll need, measure between the flat sides of your axle nut, in millimeters. Then select the correct BestHex Wrench for your needs. Compatible With the Best Rest and Motion Pro Tyre Irons (Tyre Irons Sold Separately).

About BestRest:

BestRest manufactures hard parts for your motorcycle made from the finest quality material available and will not settle for anything less! Motorcycle accessories should reflect a level of workmanship, quality, and finish worthy of your trust, hence why Best Rest, simply test everything themselves to ensure their products perform as advertised!

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