Part 3: Dave Darcy Is Going To Have A Hell Of A Ride On The BMW F 850 GS Rallye X!

Author: Team Adventuremoto   Date Posted:10 September 2019 

Part 3: Dave Darcy Is Going To Have A Hell Of A Ride On The BMW F 850 GS Rallye X!




Steve: Ah, hey look at this, this is beautiful. Well this is the 850, BMW 850 Rallye that we're giving away at the end of the year. I actually really love this bike, I've come off a Rallye 1200, and only had a few rides on this, so we're not riding it too much, we want to give it away without too many K's on the clock. But I believe Dave Darcy from MAD TV is going to borrow it for the Wall to Wall Ride in the next week.

So some of the things we've put on this bike include the Barkbusters by Rideworx of course. We're running SW-Motech crash protection, bash plate and bars. Our friends from Motorrad Garage, who are the SW-Motech distributors, we do sell SW-Motech here at AdventureMoto, we're a friendly bunch. They've come on board and helped us out with these products, fantastic.

Doubletake mirrors, we're running the Adventure mirrors. A good thing about the Adventure mirrors, they can come off the bike, they can fold out of the way. They're fully adjustable, and they're bulletproof. You can't kill these things with a stick, so they're great.

Jen: I've got something to show you.

Steve: Jen, what have you got there?

Jen: I have the MotoTrekk Panniers.

Steve: From Giant Loop?

Jen: From Giant Loop.

Steve: So we're going to run those on the SW-Motech sideframes, they do fit.

Jen: Beautiful blue.

Steve: Now this is limited edition blue Diablo tank bag. We've only got a couple of these, we were going to actually order some more, we can actually get these made in a bundle for us. So we're going to order 20 Diablo and 20 Fandango blue. If you're interested shoot us an email and we'll put you on the list. And that'll go on the bike for Dave.

And of course, don't forget, pivot pegs. And we have one AltRider part, which is the dual break controller, we've done that for ease of riding. And I think Dave you're going to have a fantastic ride in the next week. Please look after the bike, it is somebody else’s bike at the end of the day. Fantastic. Mrs AdventureMoto guys, that's love.