Part 2: Fitting Out The $25,000 BMW F 850 GS Rallye X With Protection!

Author: Team Adventuremoto   Date Posted:1 September 2019 

Part 2: Fitting Out The $25,000 BMW F 850 GS Rallye X With Protection!




Steve: Hey, so Greg, the 850 GS.

Greg: Steve, finally you got some parts.

Steve: Mate, I got some parts, I'm very excited.

Greg: Catalogue bike, we start at one end of the catalogue and go to the other?

Steve: Well, let's just put some stuff on the bike. Protection day, because if it's.

Greg: Not on, it’s not on.

Steve: That's what they reckon isn't it, hey.

Greg: Yeah, that's true, yeah.

Steve: Now listen what I’ve got, I’ve reached out to some of our industry partners, Motorrad Garage, who are the SW-Motech supplier for Australia, they've come on board with some hard parts for the bike. So we sell a bit of Motech in the shop and I'm really happy that they're partnering with that.

Greg: Yeah, they're good parts, good parts.

Steve: We've already fitted a set of Pivot Pegs, so ergonomics and protection today. Bar risers.

Greg: Is it doing the police ride?

Steve: You know what.

Greg: You're going to do the police ride aren't you?

Steve: I was going to do the police ride.

Greg: I took money you wouldn't, so what's happening?

Steve: I haven't decided yet, but if I don't do it, I'm going to get Dave Darcy from MAD TV to ride this beast. And I'll just say it is a beast, because you know I came off a 1200 Rallye X, if you remember, because you rode that like you stole it.

Greg: Yeah, yeah.

Steve: I've got to say the first ride of this bike, I took it over Gardner Stone, out through Blackfellows Hand, sweet, I really enjoyed it. Didn't have any protection so I didn't push it very hard, so it wasn't on because it wasn't on. But today we're going to set the bike up so Dave can ride it like he stole it. Can I talk about bar risers?

Greg: Sure.

Steve: They're going on the bike, they're from SW-Motech. Here we've got a windscreen windshield protector.

Greg: I like that, that's better than that.

Steve: Bang, and look, you can't even see through that, so I don't know how the lights going to shine through that, but I believe it will.

Greg: That'll be handy, through white light.

Steve: The, I've got some crash protection. Now SW-Motech from Motorrad Garage, move out of the way because I'll show you where this goes Greg, just in case you haven't worked it out.

Greg: Oh, yeah right.

Steve: It goes somewhere like.

Greg: I'd say it probably picks that up there. And probably picks that one up there as well.

Steve: Yeah, I don't know, is that the right way.

Greg: Me being the mechanic.

Steve: Now look at that.

Greg: See, that probably picks up some [inaudible 00:01:59] like that.

Steve: Or maybe it's the wrong one, who knows, it'll go somewhere. 

Greg: In the back wheel.

Steve: I've got a radiator guard from radguard, that's going on the bike. And we've got a rear rack from Motech as well, so that's going to go on the back.

Now, I'm not going to set up any hard luggage or panniers on the bike.

Greg: What about if we put a Giant Loop on it for the weekend?

Steve: Yeah, so I think Giant Loop always come through with some great soft luggage. So tank bag, great base and saddlebag on the back, rear rack in case we need to add something.

Greg: You want to put something on this tank just to protect it too.

Steve: They do a protective film, so GL do a protective film, we'll kit it out, because you know what, this bike, you can still get in the draw until the 30th of November, spend 300 bucks with Tyres for Bikes, AdventureMoto, I don't know. Every $300 you get in the draw. We draw it no later than the 11th of December. Imagine getting this for Christmas, how good would that be? And it's going to be fartled [inaudible 00:02:57] up to no one’s business, right.

Greg: You know this is the first build, you know this is the first build for RideADV Garage too, which we haven't talked about yet, RideADV workshop.

Steve: Yes. So RideADV, you're opening your own build centre.

Greg: Yeah build workshop.

Steve: RideADV Garage, and we're always happy to partner with you on this. And of course, you've got some great rides happening next year.

Greg: Like going on, oh, the [inaudible 00:03:20] ride night coming up, but let’s get on this, come on.

Steve: Yeah, but look this is the bash plate.

Greg: Wow.

Speaker 3: Go back, we'll do the bash plate.

Steve: Okay, Greg, that's solid. That's good.

Greg: 4 mill.

Steve: Yeah, and that goes under the bike, that’s going to give.

Greg: That goes under the bike does it Steve?

Steve: That's goes under the bike, or.

Greg: He's an asset, isn’t he.

Steve: Or, if I do this I look like the guy out of Alien.

Greg: We don't let him get out here much.

Steve: And of course, I reached out to the guys at Rideworx, Barkbusters, and we're going to replace these guys with some alloy backbone and some pps plastics.

Greg: How good do Matty and Rob and the boys go down there.

Steve: And the other thing I'd like to get on the bike, and I'll go out and see if I can dig some out for you, is take these mirrors off, because I don't want to break them, or scratch them up.

Greg: You won't be riding it.

Steve: We'll put some Doubletakes on.

Greg: Alright, well, you know probably the best thing we can do now, if we want to crack on with this.

Steve: What's that? Is me get out of the workshop?

Greg: Get out of the workshop.

Steve: Okay, well mate I really appreciate it as always helping with the builds, so thanks very much.

Greg: So I just invoice, where do I send the invoice?

Steve: You can turn the generator back on.

Greg: It's called a compressor.

Steve: Oh, compressor, that's it.