Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Adventure Rider

Author: Team AdventureMoto   Date Posted:1 November 2023 


Choosing the perfect gift for an adventure motorcyclist can be tricky, especially if you don't ride yourself or they haven't dropped hints like wheelies! To ensure your gift gives them good vibes only, follow our expert tips:


  • Motorcycle Setup Check: Take a good look at their motorcycle to understand their existing gear and accessories.
  • Social Media Sleuthing: If you can ‘t sneak a peek at their bike discreetly, check their social media for insights.
  • Storage Capacity Assessment: Spot signs of ample storage on their bike—bags on the tank, behind the seat, or on the sides—that suggest a need for carrying gear.
  • Lighting Configuration: Note the headlights on their bike—single or multiple lights—to gauge their riding style and needs.
  • Riding Gear Condition: Assess whether their riding gear appears worn and needs replacing.


Now you’re ready to find a gift using our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Every Adventure Rider.


Adventure Moto Gift Voucher

Adventure Moto Gift Vouchers

Stuck for ideas? Go for an Adventure Moto Gift Voucher! They’re available from $20 to $500, giving your favourite adventure enthusiast the freedom to choose. Add a personal touch with a Christmas message, and set it to arrive on December 25th.


Pelion Kata Chair

Pélion Kata Chair

For the rider who loves nothing more than winding down after a long ride, the Pélion Camp Chair is a must-have. At just 900 grams, it’s the lightweight adventure buddy for fishing or chilling out by the campfire.


ADVWORX Gen-2 | 50 Litre | Trekk - Waterproof Duffel Bag

ADVWORX Gen-2 | 50 Litre | Trekk - Waterproof Duffel Bag

If you want a jaw-dropping gift, our revamped ADVWORX Gen-2 Trekk Duffel Bag fits the bill. Completely waterproof and built tough, these babies are versatile enough to handle any adventure and any terrain. Add a Dry Rollie bag or Saddlebags for a complete soft luggage system delivering the freedom to customise for endless two-wheeled adventures!


Klim Krios Pro Helmet ECE DOT

Klim Krios Pro Helmet ECE/DOT

Level up their riding experience with the KLIM Krios Pro Helmet. This premium adventure helmet redefines comfort, performance, and airflow, leaving traditional compromises behind. It's the pinnacle of safety and quality for any ADV enthusiast navigating rugged terrains or cruising the highways. Choose KLIM, the trusted brand among adventure riders worldwide, for a gift that blends top-tier performance with unbeatable protection.


Klim Carlsbad Jacket

Klim Carlsbad Jacket

Ramp up their adventure with the new and improved Carlsbad Jacket: a sleek essential crafted for maximum protection and comfort on the road. With improved ventilation, superior abrasion resistance, enhanced storage, and impact protection, it's the perfect choice for adventure riders wanting a lightweight, waterproof solution without compromising safety on their rides.




Motohansa KTM Pro Enduro Tool SetMotohansa KTM Pro Enduro Tool Set

Built from the ground up to meet both DIN and ANSI standards this kit contains all the tools they need and none of the tools they don’t. Designed for riders looking for a more compact and lightweight kit, this tool set stores easily on the bike, taking up minimal space yet still containing all the tools required to tighten loose items and undertake emergency repairs when off-road.


Pelion Zos Ultralight Air Sleeping Mat

Pélion Zos Ultralight Air Sleeping Mat

Let's be honest: after a long ride, even hardcore adventure riders crave a cosy bed. This mat, with its space-age diamond cell design, is their ticket to dreamland. If you're feeling extra generous, gift it with the Pélion Nyx Sleeping Cot, or they can roll it out in the tent for a great night's sleep anywhere.


360 Degrees Furno Stove with Igniter

360 Degrees Furno Stove with Igniter

If your adventure rider is always 'starving' after a ride, give them the ultimate campsite companion for preparing coffee, soup, or dehydrated meals - the 360 Degrees Furno Stove. This compact stove has an impressive boil time of 3 minutes and 20 seconds for 1 litre of water while the adjustable heat output allows for all kinds of cooking. The piezo ignition makes for quick and easy lighting - no more stress about keeping the matches dry!


Klim Nac Pak

Klim Nac Pak

The Klim Nac Pak is the perfect combination of cargo capacity, accessory carrying capacity, quick access and intelligent tool storage, redesigned for bigger days of riding with enhanced ergonomics to keep your adventurer going longer.


ADVWorx Kept Cooler

ADVWorx Kept Cooler

The Kept Cooler is a must-have for chilling their drinks this Summer. These coolers keep drinks cool for 72 hours on ice with over 25 litres of storage. Accessing what’s inside is a breeze with the large central zip at the top of the bag. Perfect for those who want their drinks cold and their adventures hot!



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