Mark II ADVWorx Fuel Bladders/Fuel Bags: New and Improved!

Author: Adventure Moto   Date Posted:23 March 2021 

We’ve had a lot of people asking about the Mark 2 ADVWORX Fuel Bag, and when it will be released. Well, were are proud to say it’s here! We’ve made some powerful upgrades to make your life easier, like the handy rubber grip handle at each end. You've also got a bit of MOLLE strapping that gives a bit of extra storage & offers a great bit of visibility with its reflective material tape. That means if you lose your fuel bag, or you put it on the ground and you ride off and think, "Oh damn, where's my fuel bag?" and it's pitch black, your headlight will pick that up and reflect it back at you! 


The fuel bag also features a spout, with a filter in it that just simply screws on the bag. We've also redesigned the cap to make it much easier to remove, compared to the previous model. It's got a durable 8L or 5L fuel resistant gasket inside and a set of Giant Loop Pronghorn straps to help easily stitch it to the top of your pannier bag.


We've made the included spare just a little bit shorter, so they will go inside the patch without having to press down. It’s a nice tight fit there, ensuring that they won't just drop out. One of the best thing about these fuel bags is that once you've finished using it, you can simply just roll it up and throw it away! Put it in your tank bag, throw it in your saddlebag, and then when you need to use it, roll it out, fill it with fuel, and you are away!


You can grab the amazing Mark 2 ADVWORX Fuel Bag 5L for just $135.00, or $155.00 for the 8L bag!


This is the simplest, easiest fuel solution on the market. Fuel bags from ADVWORX. Fantastic.

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