PRO-GREEN MX | How to clean an Air Filter

Author: PRO-GREEN   Date Posted:29 December 2020 


Pro-Green MX Air Filter Cleaner

Want to know how our Air Filter Cleaner is different to others on the market?

Why Use It?

Firstly, our Air Filter Cleaner is 100% methanol free! This means it does not stink (leading to the mrs going mad when you wash them in the kitchen sink), and most importantly, it will not dissolve the glue that holds the filter together, leaving your Air Filter completely intact and like-new, saving you a lot of money in the long run!

Air Filter Cleaner incorporates a specially chosen blend of surfactants designed to instantly break down filter oil from the moment of contact and is easily applied through a trigger sprayer, making the worst part of cleaning so much easier!

It can also be used in either hot or cold water, making it perfect for weekends trackside.

How to Use It?


• Fully bio-degradeable & recyclable

• 0% corrosive salts with a streak-free finish

• Tough on dirt, gentle on bikes

• Made by Pro-Green MX, in the United Kingdom


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