Why choose Helinox?

Is it strong enough to do the job?

Is it compact & light enough to carry?

Those are the big questions when it comes to outdoor adventure equipment and it can be hard to find gear that answers ‘yes’ to both.

Helinox provides you equipment that is both strong and light

Helinox Cot One Convertable
SKU: HX106

From $399.99

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Helinox Chair Zero High-back
SKU: HX10559


Helinox Table One
SKU: HX110


Helinox Chair Zero
SKU: HX105


Helinox Chair One
SKU: HX100


Helinox Ground Sheet
SKU: HX127


Helinox Chair Two
SKU: HX128


Helinox Cot Leg
SKU: HX12761