SW Motech

SW Motech

Founded in 1999 by three enthusiastic motorcyclists, there are now more than 260 bright minds behind the brand with the red bull. Today SW-MOTECH is among the leading suppliers of motorcycle accessories worldwide and exports to over 65 countries.

SW Motech Centre Stand Yamaha Tenere 700 (2019)
SKU: HPS.06.799.10000B


SW Motech TANK BAG EVO GS 16-22L
SKU: BC.TRS.00.103.20002


SW Motech Adventure Rack Yamaha Tenere 700 '19-
SKU: GPT.06.799.19000B


SW MotechTraX Universal Mount
SKU: ALK.00.165.30900S


SW Motech Adapter Plate Universal
SKU: GPT.00.152.450


SW Motech XT660Z Tenere Centre Stand
SKU: HPS.06.568.100


SW Motech XT660Z Tenere Crash Bars
SKU: SBL.06.567.10001.B