Wolfman Luggage

Wolfman Luggage

WOLFMAN LUGGAGE is the brand that started it all for Adventure Moto.

When I first started looking at gear for myself to ride the adventures I dreamed of riding. I did not want to ride with hard luggage. I knew that the style of riding I wanted to do would either end up with me under the bike or the bike sliding down some rocky trail. So I searched until I found Wolfman Luggage which has been supplying soft luggage solutions to adventure riders for over twenty years. Eric Hougen the founder, owner and head designer for the Wolfman Luggage brand is an avid rider and understands better than anyone the level of toughness and quality needed to survive the rigours of the Off Road. Wolfman Luggage is still made in the USA and the best-selling Expedition Dry Saddlebags and Duffels are on thousands of bikes around Australia. We have customers that have been riding with Wolfman gear on their bikes for over ten years.

Wolfman 303 Long Rolie


Wolfman 303 Large Rolie


Wolfman 303 Medium Rolie


Wolfman 303 Small Rolie


Wolfman Luggage Beta Duffel
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Wolfman Luggage Top Pocket
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Wolfman Luggage X Strap
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Wolfman Luggage Y Strap
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