Gifts Under $500

Time to put on your holiday cheer, Australian riders and friends! The Christmas and Holiday season is within sight—and we know how hard shopping for riders can be. The hordes at the shops, the indecision, and the hit to your wallet are not insignificant hurdles. So we’ve come up with our top motorcycle gift ideas, all under $500 bucks!

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First Gear ADV AIR Jacket
SKU: 1001-0221


Forma Boots Terra EVO Boots


First Gear JAUNT Overpant
SKU: 1007-0508


First Gear ROVER AIR Overpant
SKU: 1007-0514


Klim K Fifty 1 Riding Jeans
SKU: 3057-000


Klim Outlander GTX Boot
SKU: 3926-000


Forma Adventure Boots


Klim Forecast Jacket
SKU: 3333-001


Geigerrig Rig Cadence


Klim 2019 Tek Pak
SKU: 3216-000


Held Air n Dry Gloves
SKU: 2242


Held Cold Champ Glove
SKU: 2270


Klim Krew Pak
SKU: 4012-002


Geigerrig Rig Shuttle


50% OFF RRP $304.00
First Gear JAUNT Jacket
SKU: 1001-0214