Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain Lubricator

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Check out Cobrra’s ingenious Nemo 2 Chain Oiler, a mini motorcycle chain oiler to lube your chain as you ride, saving you money on chain care—Shop here now!

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 The Nemo 2 Chain Oiler is an on-board, on-demand chain oiling system. You lube your chain only when it’s needed, which means you control the process.  We generally lube the chain when we start in the morning, sometime mid-day, and again at the end of the day (5 minutes before we stop).  
This video shows Nemo installed on a BMW F800GS:  F800GS Video
With the Nemo there’s no requirement to run a vacuum tube from the carb or fuel injectors to the reservoir, and there’s no complicated electrical connections.  
Instead the Nemo works with a simple twist of the upper reservoir – a 1/4 turn delivers a measured amount of lube to the chain for the next 3 minutes.  The lube gets deposited in front of the rear sprocket, then it self-distributes onto the rollers, side plates, and sprocket teeth.  Your chain and sprockets will last longer when they’re properly lubed.
The Nemo is small enough to fit in your hand.  Don’t let the size fool you, it’ll keep the chain lubed for a long, long time.  Refilling is quick and easy.  Nemo holds about 30cc of chain lube which is enough for a weekend ride (or in our case a 5-day ride in the hills).  When the reservoir is empty, simply unscrew the cap and fill it up, then tighten the cap and you’re ready to roll (and lube).  We prefer to use 75W80 gear lube in the Nemo, but you can use practically any fluid including ATF, motor oil, or a commercial liquid chain lube.
Nemo is made by Cobrra Industries located in Slovakia.  The components are precision billet aluminum with a black anodized finish.  The fit and finish are superb. Mounted on the motorcycle it looks like an OEM part.
You can mount the Nemo anywhere on the bike. Nemo literature shows it mounted on the handlebars… but for adventure bikes we liked mounting it down low – see our mounting videos on YouTube.  In that position we were able to reach down and give the chain a quick lube after we rode thru a creek crossing or mud puddle.


Weight: 5.1 ounces (empty)
Dimensions: 2.1″ wide x 2.1″ high (not including bracket)
Mounting bracket: 3/4″ x 1″ flat tab with 6mm hole
Oil hose:  4mm OD, approx. 8-ft long (enough for a spare)
Oil capacity: 30cc 
Oiling sequences before empty: Approx. 15 
Oiling time: Approx. 3 minutes per 1/4 turn of the cap 


Solid Product

24 February 2018
I bought this for my KTM1290 Superduke. I installed it before a 2500km ride so as not to carry chain lube. Works as advertised, but on return I purchased a Scottoiler dispenser as the Cobrra one would not reach the rear sprocket on the KTM. I now have the best of both systems! Would give it 5 stars if the dispenser was more suited to single sided swingarms.

Very nice chain Oiler.

By: on 12 February 2018
I have run Scottoilers for years and with my wife just purchased a SWM Superdual. So I decided to give the Cobrra a go. It is such a well built unit, took a bit to find a suitable location to install (Cobrra now have a universal bracket which I would recommend). Super easy to operate and looks very nice and neat, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a Chain Oiler. Adventure moto great service as always.

Cobrra Chain Lubricator

17 January 2018
This is a huge improvement over carrying aerosol cans in the luggage on trips - have you ever had your spare cloths comprehensively chain lubed? Not cool. I am very happy with the concept and the quality of design. The reservoir/pump is very well made and operates smoothly. I mounted the reservoir low on the screen frame of my F800GSA: it is unobtrusive and easy to operate on the road with my left hand. I chickened out of placing the feed tube as close to the sprocket as recommended in the instructions - (what happens if the feed tube is displaced by a bush and is pulled into the rear sprocket?!!) - but it is working effectively even though placed a little further away from both sprocket and chain. I think the feed point could be improved and next service I will look at placing it just after the front sprocket; which would also look a lot neater. I am using 80/90 gear oil which provides good persistence while still being much easier to wash down than conventional chain lubricants.

Works well, take the time to locate it

16 January 2018
I'm a big fan of keeping chains well oiled and avoiding those nasty wax sprays which attract dirt to cling to your chain. Fitted this to a bmw f800gsa and it works well- I may have to rethink oil tube location a little but the unit is well designed and functions as expected. This will add lots of life to your chain and save hassles of trying to oil between trips. Highly recommended

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