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Check out Cobrra’s ingenious Nemo 2 Chain Oiler, a mini motorcycle chain oiler to lube your chain as you ride, saving you money on chain care—Shop here now!

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The Nemo 2 Chain Oiler is an on-board, on-demand chain oiling system. You lube your chain only when it’s needed, which means you control the process.  We generally lube the chain when we start in the morning, sometime mid-day, and again at the end of the day (5 minutes before we stop).

This video shows Nemo installed on a BMW F800GS:  F800GS Video
With the Nemo there’s no requirement to run a vacuum tube from the carb or fuel injectors to the reservoir, and there’s no complicated electrical connections.  
Instead the Nemo works with a simple twist of the upper reservoir – a 1/4 turn delivers a measured amount of lube to the chain for the next 3 minutes.  The lube gets deposited in front of the rear sprocket, then it self-distributes onto the rollers, side plates, and sprocket teeth.  Your chain and sprockets will last longer when they’re properly lubed.
The Nemo is small enough to fit in your hand.  Don’t let the size fool you, it’ll keep the chain lubed for a long, long time.  Refilling is quick and easy.  Nemo holds about 30cc of chain lube which is enough for a weekend ride (or in our case a 5-day ride in the hills).  When the reservoir is empty, simply unscrew the cap and fill it up, then tighten the cap and you’re ready to roll (and lube).  We prefer to use 75W80 gear lube in the Nemo, but you can use practically any fluid including ATF, motor oil, or a commercial liquid chain lube.
Nemo is made by Cobrra Industries located in Slovakia.  The components are precision billet aluminum with a black anodized finish.  The fit and finish are superb. Mounted on the motorcycle it looks like an OEM part.
You can mount the Nemo anywhere on the bike. Nemo literature shows it mounted on the handlebars… but for adventure bikes we liked mounting it down low – see our mounting videos on YouTube.  In that position we were able to reach down and give the chain a quick lube after we rode thru a creek crossing or mud puddle.


Weight: 5.1 ounces (empty)
Dimensions: 2.1″ wide x 2.1″ high (not including bracket)
Mounting bracket: 3/4″ x 1″ flat tab with 6mm hole
Oil hose:  4mm OD, approx. 8-ft long (enough for a spare)
Oil capacity: 30cc 
Oiling sequences before empty: Approx. 15 
Oiling time: Approx. 3 minutes per 1/4 turn of the cap 

About Cobrra:

Cobrra work on the development and innovation of motorcycle accessories and other equipment. They are known worldwide for the Nemo 2 - a mini chain oiler.

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Handy oiling system
By: on 21 October 2019
After years of dry chains or carting bulky chain lubes on trips, I've bitten the bullet and bought the Cobbra Nemo 2. Fitting to my DR650 was easy, although I needed to supply my own bracket. They can also mount on your bars, so the need for your own bracket depends on where you mount it. Mine's on the frame, just above the chain and below the side plastics. There is no connection to electrics or vacuums or any of that nonsense - it's manual/hydraulically operated. Twist and oil flows. First use, you twist the head 180 deg to prime and flow, thereafter 90 deg. Oil flows for three minutes. Cobbra recommend a twist at each fuel stop. I'm using 80w90 gear oil, and there is some fling off onto the tyre, but not on the tread. So why not five stars? The fling off is a mild concern, I might have to reposition the outlet to where Cobbra recommends - closer to the rear sprocket than the DR's chain guide makes easy. Don't twist too close to the of your ride - I now have a fresh oil spot on my clean pavers although I rode 20km after my first 180deg twist. My chain smells like gear oil, but is well lubricated!
Beats doing it manually
By: on 20 July 2018
This little thing is great!! Give it a twist and the lube happily drips down onto the chain for a few minutes - definitely beats lubing it by hand!!
My First Chain Oiler
By: on 11 April 2018
As the title suggests, this is the first time I have ever used an automatic chain oiling system , and the powers that be must have let me know that the best one had just been released and its time I purchased the Cobrra Nemo Chain Oiling system. It was so easy to fit and get working on my BMW F800GS and I'm using a quality 80- 90W gear oil in it and its perfect. I went through a bit of oil initially , mainly due to the fact that everyone wants to know what it is and how it works. I mounted it down near the engine on the Throttle Side so now its just a matter of get on, start the bike, reach down and turn to click , and rest assured that your chain and sprockets are getting the lube they need. Top product and highly recommended. I will be fitting to my old Bonnie too. Cheers
Recommended: By Jove, Yes!
By: on 7 April 2018
When I bought my latest motorcycle approximately a year ago, I decided I wouldn’t have a chain oiler... it’s always a hassle to break into wiring, or get vacuum from somewhere. I convinced myself by saying, “It’s better to manually oil my chain and run my eye over that area of the bike at the same time, looking for any issues”. While looking for something else on AdventureMoto I stumbled across the Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain Lubricator. The principle of creating pressure along the line, by closing-down the lube container in quarter turns seemed like a good idea. I checked out some reviews around the planet and all gave it a rousing thumbs-up, so I bought one right here on AdventureMoto. I can tell you, it works how the manufacturers say it will. It’s a beautifully machined piece of kit, and it delivers chain oil right to the spot where you want it. The suggested quarter turn works perfectly for me, with no excess jumping onto the tyre. Best part for me: You can pour what oil you like into the Cobrra, it doesn’t mind. Recommended? By Jove, Yes!
Oil feed location
By: on 2 April 2018
I bought the system for my F800GSA some months back. I have relocated the feed to enter the right-hand side cover and feed the inside of the chain about 50mm after the primary sprocket. I'm much happier with this setup; it's oiling the chain nicely with minimal fling off at the rear wheel - much better than when I had it mounted before the rear sprocket. Plus I don't have the ugly and vulnerable plumbing running down the swingarm.

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