We Now Test Every ADVWorx Fuel Bag!

Author: Adventure Moto  


We’re sure you have already seen our new and improved ADVWorx Fuel bag, packed with heaps of handy new features! One thing that hasn’t changed, is the incredible durability these fuel bags have. We are so confident of their quality, that we are now testing every single fuel bag that leaves the warehouse, to ensure 100% you’ll get no fuel leakages on your next epic adventure!

Here is how we do it!

Every single fuel bag that leaves our warehouse is put through a compression test. Through this process, we fill up the bag with compressed air until it is properly bloated. Then we use two pressure gauges to continually monitor the internal pressure of the fuel bag.

Next, we start to apply pressure to the bag by pushing down into the fuel bag. If the pressure starts to drop, we will know if there is an integrity flaw in the unit, if it stays the same, we can be certain that the ADVWorx fuel bag is ready to head to its happy new owner!

So if you are after a fuel solution that you KNOW is ready straight out of the box, jump online or in store and grab an ADVWorx Fuel Bag!

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