Seat Concepts Suzuki/Kawasaki DRZ/KLX 400 (2000-2022) TALL Comfort

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Seat Concepts Suzuki/Kawasaki DRZ/KLX 400 Tall seat with added width & foam density will help keep you comfortable on that long commute or dual sport ride.

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This seat is 1 1/8 INCH (28mm) TALLER than the stock seat.

New wider seat to help keep comfortable on that long commute or dual sport ride. The added width and foam density will help keep the seat from being an item to stop you from going on that ride or enjoying the bike.

Important Information:
Available as a Foam and Cover Kit for OEM pan or Complete Seat. The Complete Seats come assembled with an aftermarket pan and ready to ride.

Seat Concepts Suzuki/Kawasaki DRZ/KLX 400 (2000-2022) TALL Comfort is available in the following cover options:
  • All Carbon Fiber (out of stock)
  • Carbon Fiber Sides / Low Slip Top (out of stock)
  • Carbon Fiber Sides / Gripper Top (out of stock)
Seat Concepts Suzuki/Kawasaki DRZ/KLX 400 (2000-2022) TALL Comfort is available in the following seat options:
  • Foam & Cover Kit ONLY (out of stock)
  • Complete Seat (out of stock)

About Seat Concepts:

SEAT CONCEPTS is a world-class manufacturer of high quality and great value motorcycle comfort and race seats. All seats are manufactured in the United States. Seat Concepts has been making Off Road and Adventure Bike seats, as well as custom seats for classic and sports bikes and now expanding into the cruiser (think HD) market, for over ten years. With a range of covers, foam densities and heights to suit every type of rider (Low, Standard and Tall) for hundreds of bike models and years, Seat Concepts probably has a seat kit or a complete seat to fit your bike. Our most popular seat finish is a “Carbon Fibre Gripper” cover that offers a level of friction to help stop you sliding every time you hit the brakes and a standard density foam is suitable for most riders. The real trick is how Seat Concepts seats support the riders hipbones with their wider than standard seats and superior density foam. You can’t turn your two wheels into a lounge chair, however, if you can extend your ride time and comfort throughout the day, then Seat Concepts if probably the best value seat solution you can invest in.

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SKU 36-0402


Fits the following bikes:
  • 2000-22 DRZ 400/E/S/SM
  • 2003-04 KLX 400R/SR
Happy Rear End
By: on 17 January 2018
The standard DRZ 400 seat is a shocker as anybody who owns one of these work horses will tell you. When I recently bought the bike, changing the seat was definitely not on the short list of the long list of mods I wanted to make on the bike but after a 100 odd km trip I realised that a Seat Concepts seat was going to have to move up to the top of my list! I got the Tall Seat cover and foam option just after Christmas, fitting was easy if you have the tools and some basic skills. The difference the seat has made is amazing! The high seat opens up my leg angle nicely when seated, making the sitting to standing transition easier and the gripper cover keeps me well and truly planted where I need to be on the saddle. Lastly my rear end can’t complain one little bit. The seat concepts foam is magic I swear! This is basically a fit and forget mod because in the past all you can think about is how sore your nether regions are, but now you don’t think about it as all & you can concentrate on your riding.
Seat Concepts Tall for DRZ400E
By: on 15 January 2018
Most comfortable seat I’ve ever used. If you’ve ridden more than 30 mins on the Stanford dard DRZ seat you’ll know how uncomfortable it becomes. The “Tall” gripper Seat Concepts product is better than the so called Comfort seat I used on my GS800. I’m 6’4” and 105kg so comfortable riding is harder for me than most. The only issue I have with the Tall version is, despite my long legs, it’s too tall for technical single-track. I have problems in the moments when a foot down dab is required, especially on slight off-camber terrain. So, if I know it’s going to be a long day of tricky single track, I swap the seat back to the original. On the longer, less technical rides I switch back to the SC Tall. The Standard is probably best for most, less long legged riders.

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