3BR TAPP CAPP USB Cable Weatherproofing Seal Kit

3BR TAPP CAPP USB Cable Weatherproofing Seal Kit provides weatherproof protection to any USB cable when plugged into a TAPP Lite USB power port.

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TAPP CAPP is a 3BR Powersports proprietary seal cap that provides weatherproof protection to any USB cable when plugged into a TAPP Lite USB power port.

TAPP CAPP is resistant to dust, water splash and spray and even heavy water washdown.

TAPP CAPP is an available option on all 3BR Powersports USB cables. It is also available as a separate field installed part for installation on any USB cable with a Type A plug on one end.

TAPP CAPP is molded from the same rugged Brulloy™ rubber that is used on our Baryl power jacks and plugs. Brulloy is a true MP rubber, not a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) such as polyurethane. Whereas TPEs must be specially treated to resist environmental damage, Brulloy is inherently resistant to ozone, UV, grease, and oil. It can withstand service temperatures from - 130° to 225°F (-90° to 107°C)!

Note: Due to the protective skirt that surrounds the USB plug, TAPP CAPPed cables cannot be plugged into standard USB ports such as those on PCs and other power ports. They will however plug into any USB power port with the .85inch x .60inch rectangular body such as those sold by Burnsmoto, CycleNutz, Canadian Tire and NAPA Autoparts. Kit includes one TAPP CAPP, self fusing attachment tape and installation instructions.

About 3BR Powersports:

3BR Powersports, LLC, is a family owned, family run small business dedicated to providing high quality accessory products for the powersports enthusiast. As avid powersports riders we found that we had accessory needs that couldn't be met with available products so we made our own. Other riders liked what they saw and asked if we could make parts for them. It got to a point where we were so busy hand making parts that we had to make a decision whether to create a small company to build products using higher volume techniques or farm the products out to someone else. Thus began 3BR Powersports

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