3BR - TAPP CAPPed USB to Micro USB Straight Cable (91cm)

Buy the 91cm Powersports 3BR TAPP CAPPed USB Straight Type A to USB Type B micro cable power cord here. Solve your charging needs w/ fast same-day shipping!

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SKU: 202-0042-36

Cable is USB Type A to USB Type B Micro. Note: this is a power cable, not a data cable. It cannot be used for data transfer.

Which Way Is Up?

USB PLUGS DEFINED 3BR Powersports USB cables have three connector plug types: TYPE A – this is the common USB plug that plugs into a PC or power ports. It is always the “host” or master end of the connection. TYPE B Mini – this plug was introduced by the USB organizing group in answer to the need for a small USB plug for portable devices. TYPE B Micro – As portable devices got smaller and smaller it became apparent that the Type B Mini was too tall (thick) so a thinner plug was developed. The Micro plug is the same width as the Mini but much thinner.

About 3BR Powersports:

3BR Powersports, LLC, is a family owned, family run small business dedicated to providing high quality accessory products for the powersports enthusiast. As avid powersports riders we found that we had accessory needs that couldn't be met with available products so we made our own. Other riders liked what they saw and asked if we could make parts for them. It got to a point where we were so busy hand making parts that we had to make a decision whether to create a small company to build products using higher volume techniques or farm the products out to someone else. Thus began 3BR Powersports

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SKU 202-0042-36


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