Best Camping Chair For ADV Riding? Helinox Chair Zero

Author: Adventure Moto   Date Posted:17 September 2020 

Click here to view the Helinox camping chair range

The Helinox Chair Zero, a camping chair for adventure riders which weighs just over 500 grams and has a 120kg rating.

It’s easy to setup, the Helinox has got a super-secret mix of alloys and aluminium. It's all shock corded together with glass nylon & reinforced hubs. Simply snap your chair into place as in the video above. Put the materail over the chair, always put back of the chair on first. Lay your chair on its back and sit in comfort.

Helinox has other chairs in their range such as the chair one & two. There's many in the range and then they alter in the height from the ground height and also the backpack height of the chair. And obviously they go up in their weight, as well.

Helinox is the premium chair brand in the market check them out on our website!


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