How To: Run a Hydrapak Hose & Bladder Through Your KLIM Baja S4 or Badlands Pro Jacket

Here’s a quick and easy integration that will make your life on the bike that much easier!

To install your Hydrapak on your Baja S4 or Badlands Pro jacket, there’s just a few simple steps to follow. We’ve listed them out below, but watch the video for the full story.

We’ll start with the Badlands Pro. Fill your bladder with water and put the mouthpiece in the drink position. Remove the mouthpiece. Open the jacket, and locate the zipper above the back pad. This is where your bladder will go! Open that pouch and push your bladder into it. Using the velcro tab near the zipper, secure the bladder in an upright position and tuck the hose away inside the pouch.

Now, find the slot on the side of the pouch and slip your house through it. You’ll be able to see your hose through the flexible inner liner, so run it down towards the arm hole. You want the hose to go toward to the front right pocket, through the chest protector and and out the hole near the pocket. As you pass the hose through the liner, put your hand inside the pocket so you can push the hose to the opening, pulling it out with your other hand.

You’re good to drink (water) on the go!

Setting this up on the Baja S4 jacket is quite similar, but you’ll just be bringing the mouthpiece through the inside of the jacket front, attaching it to a loop near the zipper instead.

Happy riding!

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