Easy Gifts

Looking for easy gift ideas your favourite rider will love? No problem. We’ve put together the best easy gifts any rider would love. Check out these great ideas, and find something for everyone. This season, give a gift they’ll love.

Klim Nek Sok
SKU: 6015-000


All Tied Up
SKU: AllTiedUp


ATG Compact Grill


ATG Jiko liquid fuel stove


Bush Ready
SKU: BushReady


Camp Star
SKU: CampStar


Clean Guy
SKU: CleanGuy


DRC Hardware C302 Mini Floor Pump
SKU: DR59-35-302


Hands Off
SKU: HandsOff


Heads Up
SKU: HeadsUp


Klim Krew Pak
SKU: 4012-002


Klim Tow Strap
SKU: 3103-002-000-000


Klim Viper Off-Road Goggle
SKU: 3760-000


Klim Viper Pro Off-Road Goggle
SKU: 3759-000


Kovix Disc Lock KN1


Motul Air Filter 400ml Spray
SKU: 16-706-00


Motul Chain Clean 400ml Aerosol
SKU: 16-710-00


Motul Parts Clean 840ml Aerosol
SKU: 16-715-00


No Sweat
SKU: NoSweat


Practical Pete
SKU: PracticalPete


Pro Moto Billet Chainsaw Carrier Plate
SKU: PMB-01-9000


Racer Pack
SKU: RacerPack