Giant Loop MotoTrekk Panniers

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Giant Loop developed the new MotoTrekk Panniers in collaboration with the Australian Giant Loop importer, Steve Smith of Adventure Moto AU...Hang on, THATS US!

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Giant Loop developed the new MotoTrekk Panniers in collaboration with the Australian Giant Loop dealer, Steve Smith of Adventure Moto AU, with the goal of designing a rugged, stable, universally fitting, affordable, waterproof, rack-mounted motorcycle soft luggage solution for virtually all motorcycle makes and models. Mission accomplished  and even crash tested in Australia!

Sold in pairs, RF-welded roll-top MotoTrekk™ Panniers measure 25 liters each side, with three full rolls of the top to create a 100% waterproof seal. In dry conditions with only one or two rolls need to close the top, several more liters of gear will fit. Giant Loop’s MotoTrekk Panniers feature an innovative integrated mounting system that enables them to simply strap onto almost any motorcycle side luggage racks, including dual sport, adventure touring, naked, standard, sport touring, scrambler and V-twin motorcycles.

Giant Loop’s new MotoTrekk™ Panniers (available in June) include shoulder straps that clip into D-rings on the bottom and back of the Panniers, so they can be carried like a backpack when off the bike for a day of site-seeing or for a hands-free carry to your hotel or campsite. Other rider friendly features include lash loops to secure Giant Loop’s waterproof roll-top Possibles Pouches to the front and back of the Panniers, a quick-connect magnetic buckle and anchor strap to secure that Panniers to luggage racks for easy mounting even when packed.

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Additional Accessories for your Adventure Proof Packing System 

Possibles Pouch straps to front or back of Panniers, creating 3.5-liter waterproof, quickly accessible external pockets.
Columbia Dry Bag waterproof double-ended duffel anchors between Panniers.
Saddlebag Dry Pods add waterproof organization inside Panniers.
Hot Springs GRANDE Heat Shield adds protection to prevent Panniers from touching exhaust.


About Giant Loop:

GIANT LOOP MOTO when compared to Wolfman is what KTM is to BMW when it comes to soft luggage for your off road adventures. Both brands are great however GO LIGHT, GO FAST, GO FAR is the mantra of Giant Loop. As creators of the world's first Biomorphic soft motorcycle luggage, which made carrying gear for trail riders and light adventure bike riders a reality. It meant no more overloaded backpacks or strapped on gear ending in the chain of your bike or under the back wheel. The Giant Loop Great Basin, Coyote and super trim Mojavi Saddlebag systems do not need luggage racks fitted to your bike, however, the bags can comfortably and safely hold up to 68Litres of luggage (Great Basin) for days or weeks off the road. Innovative, strong and light as well as waterproof… Giant Loop has a luggage system, including hybrid panniers and large volume saddlebags to suit just about any motorcycle.

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Panniers are good, but mounting system could be im
By: on 30 April 2022
The pannier bags themselves are sturdy and generally good quality. They are waterproof when the roll-top is closed properly, but can also be closed with less rolls if water is not an issue but you need additional space. However, when mounted on my outback motortek racks (purchased along with these pannier bags), the mounting straps don’t quite line up correctly, and the forces and movements imparted while travelling over outback roads can either cause the mounting clips to unclip themselves, or worse, chafe their way through the straps. I was able to mitigate the problem with additional straps and zip ties, at the expense of convenience when mounting and unmounting the bags.
Bomb Proof Bags
By: on 14 April 2021
Have had these for 6 months now and they are awesome. I've crashed them, dragged them across the road with the bike attached - amazing. Super secure. The attachment system is simple and bombproof on my SWMotech Pro racks, although it uses quite a few straps to achieve this. Bigger than advertised maybe - I can fit tent and weekend camping gear inside without a problem. Get them now! 8 stars (out of 5). Also have the Possibles Pouch, get them too.
Awesome moto trekk panniers
By: on 12 February 2020
Perfect size, mounting System is easy to attach and very Secure, water proof in very heavy rain, Perfect for overnight adventure ride to 21 day adventure ride
Giant Loop panniers
By: on 13 January 2020
Great size panniers, unreal mounting system, they mount very secure & set off the bikes appearance quiet nicely. Great weather proofing & they hold loads of camping essentials.
Well made, robust panniers
By: on 4 November 2019
A unique design allowing these panniers to fit almost on any racks while retaining hi-resistance tare and wear and waterproofing. I was a bit hesitant regarding the size (volume) but, they do hold up quite a lot and the 'compact' dimensions mean less weight and snug fitment to the bike. I would highly recommend these panniers especially if you have a generic rack or don't want to go with hard cases.

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