Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet ECE/DOT

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KLIM’s KRIOS is a new beginning for ADV helmets—revitalizing standards in strength, performance and functionality while leaving traditional compromises behind.

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KRIOS provides a premium experience through High Performance Carbon-Fiber construction, four ride mode versatility, aerodynamic superiority and unrivaled acoustical and contact comfort. This is the lightest adventure helmet ever created. This is the pinnacle of ADV.

Full Specs for Krios Helmet ECE/DOT

RAIN OR SHINE THE LIGHTEST ADV HELMET KLIM developed the KRIOS ADV Helmet to destroy the conventional performance parameters of the modern Adventure Touring helmet. Innovative construction techniques and supreme material sourcing combine in the ultimate multi-function and completely versatile Adventure Helmet. It’s the only helmet weighing under 1500 grams in North America.

ULTRA VISION See the path clearly ahead through optically correct face-shield technology, coupled with an industry leading field of vision.

FEEL AT HOME ENGINEERED AERO ACOUSTICS Focus on the road ahead and fully engage with the ride thanks to KLIM’s perfected Aero Acoustic performance. Combining sleek and stable aerodynamics, intelligent ventilation design and a premium liner system, KLIM makes it easy to keep riding mile after mile.

TESTED, TESTED, TESTED, TESTED To perfect the premium ride quality of the KRIOS, ADV test riders revised and manipulated every component in the real-world to ensure features such as visors and modular systems didn’t increase noise or reduce on-bike comfort. The result: Aero Acoustic and Aerodynamic excellence and high-level fit and finish ensure a premium experience on every ride.

HAND BUILT PRECISION KLIM’s full-carbon KRIOS shell features a wide carbon weave at its core. Hand-laid for a perfectly consistent shell, each section utilizes optimal resin amounts to reduce weight and ensure uniform shell thickness and integrity.

VERSATILITY PERFECTED Mastering aerodynamics and functionality of visor-equipped helmets at high speeds is a huge challenge. KLIM developed the KRIOS to utilize aerodynamic visor and spoiler attributes to stabilize and put riders’ heads at ease.

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS Thanks to innovative construction techniques and premium materials, the KLIM KRIOS meets or exceeds the most demanding ECE and DOT standards for motorcycle helmets at reduced weight compared to the competition.

KLIM CUSTOM FIT Klimatek™ Fabric liner systems utilize adaptive smart foam technology and anti-microbial/bacterial fast-wicking textiles.

QUICK CHANGE KLIM’s KRIOS helmet rebuilt the modular helmet mindset with a quick release shield and visor system requiring only a simple, 90 degree quarter-turn to lock/unlock. No tools required.

FEEL THE FLOW KRIOS was born for Adventure and its intelligent ventilation system ensures riders will keep their cool when the terrain heats up. Adequate airflow through the chin bar vent and a closable top vent make it comfortable from slow-to-go.

BUILT FOR EVERY RIDE Quickly transition from Street to Off-Road or to any of four riding modes quickly and without tools . Innovative KLIM modular helmet technology allows riders to adapt the KRIOS to any riding need including KLIM Radius Goggle use.

SHIELDS UP Premium Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch shield tech takes the lead with Pinlock® ready systems standard to ensure a clear road ahead. Clear and Smoke options available.

Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet ECE/DOT is available in the following sizes:

  • Small (out of stock)
  • Medium
  • Large (out of stock)
  • XLarge
  • 2XLarge (out of stock)
  • 3XLarge (out of stock)

Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet ECE/DOT is available in the following colour options:

  • Gloss White
  • Gloss Karbon Black (out of stock)
  • Covert Cool Gray (out of stock)
  • Fastbak Bronze
  • Twotrak Vivid Black (out of stock)
  • Gloss Silver (out of stock)
  • Valiance Grey (out of stock)
  • Twotrak Redrock (out of stock)
  • Covert Hi-Vis (out of stock)

About Klim:

KLIM Technical Riding Gear is a global leader in designing, developing, sourcing and distributing the most advanced powersports apparel for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider. Utilizing the world’s highest technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable and comfortable materials, like GORE-TEX ® products, KLIM offers gear for the most demanding riders. Driven by the continual feedback and input from dedicated test pilots and passionate customers, KLIM strives to do one thing above all – improve the riding experience without compromise.

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SKU 3510-000


If you have a cheap head buy a cheap helmet! if yo

By: on 17 February 2020
I bought my Klim Krios Karbon back in 2018. I had always bought cheaper helmets, they lasted 12 months or so before becoming loose and the linings falling apart. I had heard good things from a few friends who had the Krios so I bought one. OMG!!! Best decision EVER! I was amazed at how light it was and the field of vision is excellent. I used to get a sore neck when riding standing but the Krios was so light compared to the bowling balls I was used to my neck issues were almost non existent. Fast forward to October 2019. On one of the Ride360 NAVIG8 rides I had an off at 60kph on the bitumen. I went down hard, like the proverbial bag-of-shit, my head struck the road on the left side. Helmet took a massive impact. The helmet was ground down on the visor pivots and the peak as was the chin guard. Totaled. The ambos came as I was pretty knocked about but they were amazed that I had not been knocked unconscious, as was I, I had no neck or spinal injuries at all! I contacted Jen and Steve and showed them the helmet. They suggested contacting Klim and putting in a claim with the Klim Gear Protection Guarantee. Which I did. Klim were AMAZING! Their support people emailed me back within 24 hours and on viewing the pictures of the helmet and NSW Police Accident Report they agreed to replace the helmet for FREE! Couldn't be happier . Moral of the story. Dont buy cheap crap if you value your skin, or your head. If you have a $100 head buy a $100 helmet. If you want safety and a product that is backed by the best Gear Protection Guarantee around buy this Helmet!

Great lid

By: on 29 August 2019
Light, comfortable with great field of view. Reasonably quiet considering the weight and construction.

A great helmet

By: on 22 October 2018
The weight and comfort of this helmet is excellent. Quiet and aerodynamic it makes for a great days riding. I also very much liked the full field of vision compared to may other helmets. Well worth the money for comfort , performance and weight combined with the peace of mind of a quality head protection .

Very slick

By: on 28 June 2018
I could not be happier with this helmet. At speed it cuts through the air as well as anything I've ever worn, and the low turbulence means low noise. Sizing... compared to my Bell MX9 a large is a straight fit to a large. Hope this helps.

This is a very light helmet!

By: on 7 June 2018
I really liked the style of the helmet, and was impressed when trying it on at just how light it was. I can easily wear this for many hours at a time with no issues what-so-ever, I have yet to feel any hotspots from this helmet. I loved that it cam with both a tinted and a clear visor, as well as a pinlock visor insert. I have yet to try the pinlock insert, but the only downside I would say is that the visors fog a lot more noticeably that previous helmets. Otherwise really happy with it.

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