IMS Products Yamaha WR250R 18 Litre Fuel Tank

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IMS Yamaha WR250R 18 Litre Fuel Tank to replace the stock radiator shrouds & keep the fuel down low for a lower center of gravity, improving the handling.

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IMS Products is proud to announce its new Adventure Tank for the Yamaha WR250R/X. We call this an Adventure tank because it maximizes your capacity preparing you for those extended trips without the need to stop and fill up. This tank has a 10 Litre advantage over the stock fuel tank and it handles it well.

We made this Adventure tank to replace the stock radiator shrouds and keep the fuel down low for a lower center of gravity, improving the handling and stability of the bike. We also have installed a lift pump to allow the stock fuel pump to stay in the standard position while efficiently utilizing the entire capacity of the tank.

Capacity: 17.8 Litres

Colours: Translucent

Fits: WR250R, 2008 - current model years

Includes: Fuel cap with breather hose

Decals not included

h3>Parts List

  • (1) Fuel Tank
  • (1) Gas Cap & Seal
  • (1) 5/32 Vent hose 24” long
  • (1) 5/32 Vacuum line 10” long
  • (1) 5/32 vacuum Tee fitting
  • (2) Ty-raps
  • (1) VITON O-Ring DASH # 413 0.25 x 2.975 x 3.5 in

Stock Items To Use

  • Fuel pump
  • Mounting hardware
  • Seat Hook Fixture

Tank Removal Instructions

Drain the fuel from stock tank into an approved gasoline container. Remove the seat and shrouds unbolt the tank and raise the tank up enough to disconnect the fuel line and power cable. California models have a vapor hose on the left side to disconnect (more on this below), remove tank from the frame.


Fuel Tank Installation Instructions

On California models remove the short vapor hose from the plastic Roll over valve and connect the new vent hose. Route the hose so you can connect it to the new gas cap once the tank is installed.

Set both fuel tanks on their back, side by side to each other and note the location of the fuel spigot on the pump. Remove the pump and replace the “V” seal with the large O-Ring provided with the tank. Transfer the pump into the IMS tank with the spigot in the same position; it will only mount one way. Now transfer the front and back mounting brackets onto the IMS tank.

Set the IMS tank onto the bike and reattach the fuel line & power cable. Bolt the tank to the frame using the stock hardware. Attach the two shroud brackets to the IMS tank with the (4) 6-32 screws with the mounting holes to the back. Attach the shrouds using the stock hardware. Transfer the seat hook to the IMS tank & replace the seat. Connect the new vent/vapor line to the IMS gas cap. N

on-California models route vent line from the gas cap and into the steering stem.

IMS Products Yamaha WR250R 18 Litre Fuel Tank is available in the following colour options:
  • Blue (out of stock)
  • Clear (out of stock)
  • Black
  • White (out of stock)

About IMS Products:

IMS Products has been around since 1976 and supplies Adventuremoto with high-quality fuel tanks and foot pegs for all types of motorcycles.

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SKU 117332


Game changer for the WR250R
By: on 11 May 2018
I purchased this item to adventurise my 2014 WR250R and have had it installed for over a year now. I ordered the Blue and it is colour matched to the Yamaha blue which was a great and welcome surprise to me. THe tank when full can be felt slightly more than standard but nothing overly worrying considering the capacity advantage it brings! After a couple of litres has been used (or only filled with 16L) then it feels just like the standard tank as all the fuel is low on the bike. I Dual spot and ADV ride and being in the scrub getting lost and not having the stress of fuel makes my days much more enjoyable and keeps my options more open! I also looked at the safari tanks however I preferred the look of the IMS on the bike. Definitely recommend this as a Mod to the 250R

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