Whether itโ€™s the open road or the road less travelled, no other experience provides the thrill and passion for living that riding does. Itโ€™s a uniquely human experience. At Firstgear, we create products that enhance the pure joy of riding. We keep you warm when itโ€™s cold, dry when itโ€™s wet and cool when itโ€™s hot. When all you feel is the thrill of the ride โ€“ weโ€™ve done our job.

Firstgear Torrent 25 Litre Duffle Bag
SKU: 1008-0809-0000


Firstgear Kathmandu Jacket
SKU: 5155J


FirstGear Kathmandu Pants
SKU: 5155P


FirstGear Military Spec Vest
SKU: 5129MSV


Firstgear Torrent 20 Litre Backpack
SKU: 1008-0808-0000


Firstgear Torrent 40 Litre Duffle Bag
SKU: 1008-0810-0000


Firstgear Torrent 70 Litre Duffle Bag
SKU: 1008-0811-0000


FirstGear Women's HT Overpant
SKU: 5161PP