Rider protection, armour and gear designed to keep you safe on tough ADV rides—Prepare for the inevitable with AdventureMoto’s motorcycle protection & gear!

Klim D3O Hip Pads T5 Evo Pro X
SKU: 5272-003-000-400


Klim D3O Knee/Elbow Pads T5 Evo Pro X
SKU: 5270-003-000-400


EVS Axis Pro Knee brace (Pair)
SKU: 7102533


EVS Axis Sport Knee Brace (Pair)
SKU: 7102537


Klim Kidney Belt
SKU: 3766-000


Klim Tactical Short
SKU: 4030-000


POD K300 White/Red Knee Brace RIGHT
SKU: PDK3012008


Klim Tactical Pants
SKU: 5069


Klim CE Shoulder Pads
SKU: 5078-000-000


Klim D3O Shoulder Pads T5 Evo Pro X
SKU: 5273-003-000-400


Klim D3O Back Pad Level 2 Viper
SKU: 5174-001-000-400