Rok Straps Adjustable Pack Straps Twin Pack 12" to 42"

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Pack Adjustable ROK™ straps  are a great idea for strapping gear on gear, whether for motorcycling strapping a roll bag a top a case, or on top a rack or for bush-walking where you can tie your bed roll onto your rucksack/ pack!

ROK™ Pack Adjustables:

  • 15mm UV- proof wrapped convex rubber stretch strap 
  • Adjustable in length 300mm to 1,060mm (12” to 42”)
  • FASTEX buckle
  • sold in pairs
  • Variety of colour options
    • Black Tactical
    • Black/Orange
    • Green/Black
    • Black/Blue/Green
    • Pink/Black
    • Jungle Camo


Seeing at first hand the impact of injuries caused by frayed, dangerous or just mishandled bungee cords & their sharp hooks, Queensland engineer Gary McCay, created an alternative strapping system that solved the problem safely! The classic ROK strap!


His long term goals included developing a complete affordable, quality range of strapping solutions based on this sound & simple design so that today the ROK Strap has become a complete range of...

'ULTIMATE' Stretch Strap products! 


All ROK Straps feature these design points

  • Made from a solid convex - flat rubber shock-cord with a U.V. resistant woven nylon outer
  • Designed to resist twisting and have significantly less recoil than a conventional 'bungee' if released under tension
  • The motorcycle straps are hook-less, they feature a sewn loop for safety while offering a wider range of mounting choices
  • For cargo & ATV here is also a range of safer plastic-coated hooked designs that feature no sharp edging
  • ROK Straps are very strong, long-lasting, attractive and above all else, SAFE! They connect using an inter-locking FASTEX® buckle and
  • ROK Straps are one of the few products on the market today where safety features actually make the product easier to use.


Rok Straps Adjustable Pack Straps Twin Pack 12" to 42" is available in the following colour options:
  • Pink / Black (out of stock)
  • Black
  • Tactical Black (out of stock)
  • Black / Blue / Green
  • Black / Orange
  • Black Reflective
  • Coyote Tan
  • Jungle Camo
  • Hi-Vis Yellow

About Rok Straps:

Rok Straps are adjustable straps specifically designed to attach to backpacks, handlebars & motorcycles racks to secure smaller items without causing damage.

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Lighter than expected
By: on 14 January 2020
Haven’t used them yet but the concept seems sound. They are thinner than I expected but seem to be great quality. Time will tell how long they last.
Jamie Prado Rok Straps 12" to 42"
By: on 18 November 2019
Rok Straps Adjustable Commuter Straps Twin Pack 12" to 42". Adventure Moto Customer Service is second to none.
Love Rok Straps
By: on 20 October 2019
Purchased these to take to India for our trip to Ladakh - I used these to secure a makeshift tank bag to the Royal Enfield - Worked a treat. I also had some bigger Rok starps that secured the Giant Loop Dry bag - great product
Awesome strap
By: on 11 May 2018
You can never have too many. Streets ahead of the old bungee and way safer. I have about half a dozen pairs.

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